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I think I'll cry for him, just seeing that punch. I winced. Bad.
I like the effects in the second to last panel, and the differences between Melanie's background and ...Marcus'(?) background. Her's is all dark, and Marcus' is all light and playground-y. You can already tell stuff is going down. xD I love the facial expressions as well.

o: He said the 'f' word. I didn't even know what 'gay' meant when I was that age...but then again I was an incredibly sheltered child. I have a feeling he's about to get his butt handed to him.
Haha, the fight semi-circle amuses me...and is that a teacher I see coming out the door? I have a feeling Melanie is going to get herself in trouble.

xD When I was a kid we called each other 'doo-doo heads' and if we ever said we loved something, someone would reply with "Then why don't you marry it!?" I agree with Sarah...Kids these days.
I love the effects in the last panel. <3 I'd say the effort was worth it too.

I really like how it's an eclectic group of kids. They're all different and their expressions are so amusing.
Really we should be thanking you for such an adorable comic. :] Melanie makes me happy.

Haha, it takes me away from typing papers for school, but I love it anyway.
I'm 17 as well. ;]

@.@ That is a very nice bicep in panel two.
October 30th, 2010
Ahhh...So the little boy was the magician in his past? Or at least a bad dream. >.<
Haha, I made my facebook profile picture purple. Sadly, I broke my arm and own no purple shirts that fit over my cast. :( And not a lot of purple for my backwoods-side-of-the-mountain-school. I could count on one hand the number of purple shirts that were worn on purpose.

Anyway, I love the "corrected" sexuality signs. ;P Made m laugh. xD Haha...transexual? Really? Pfffft.
o: I love manly Lyle. I've got to say that I wasn't expecting Theron for Daddy's girlfriend's son. ...that was a mouthful. xD

...I love Ross. He's so adorable. Kaden's rather abusive. I'm glad Lyle's ditching him, if at least for the time being. Kyla and Lyle don't deserve that.
Teehee, Jade was always my favorite character. xD I'm just waiting for the day Lulu realizes that his 'crush' isn't exactly who he thinks. Fufufufu. <3 Pff. And I personally don't care if he gets a girl/boyfriend, but maybe that's just because I'm mean like that.
I still have finals. T.T
xD that an Alice in Wonderland reference? Pff. Favorite childhood movie, that was. Along with Star Wars.

Yay, no more school? Pff. Good luck in Junior year, it's your most important. @.@ /stopssoundinglikeaparent

Darius is embarrassed. Or shy. Or just being a jerk. But I'm trying to be optimistic.
That's so adorable! I remember I didn't leave spaces in between my words and I didn't capitalize my 'j's were all backwards even though my first name starts with one. I like the dog. xD And the 'firefighter' being spelled wrong was a cute idea.
Those shorts...are something I would never be caught dead in, even if I was a boy. I guess feeling that your life is threatened is reason enough...his reason for owning those in the first place is what I'm questioning. ...or are those swimming trunks?

I think he's my new favorite character.
Awesome page as always, kangel. :)
Aurora is such a cutie.
They always kiss and dash. *sigh*
I'm a lurker, -shifty eyes- so I'll try and answer these.

(1) I have the attention span of a 3 year old, so movies aren't really my thing, but I really enjoyed Up. It was so adorable. <3 I'm too picky to pick a favorite book. Normally I'd say the book I last read, but that was Killer Angels and it was boring. Definitely not a favorite.
(2) I saw someone put the cake wrecks page up. I love those. xD Sumo paint is flippin' awesome. One of my friends suggested it to me since I have a mac and cannot play on my one true love, paint.
(3)I can't really think of anything...uh, I dunno if you've put this in your about section or not, but what are our two boy's ethnic backgrounds? :)
This just made my day. xD
...Is it weird to re-comment a page? Oh well. xD
I think that's the first time I've done a title, not that it's a real title. xD

Pffft. That's not cheating-it's cheating when you draw like I do and do the charcoal trick and trace. xD

I've subtly tried that, the problem is that she's so dense. I'm 20 something years younger than her and I have to explain all the sexual jokes to her when ever we watch TV together. xD

Bwaha! I just shortened your username. -is to lazy to type it out- If it bothers you I'll change it.

If I had my ears pierced I'd probably wear something lime green. Only, lime green is the wrong color for my pale-ass skin tone and it makes me look deathly ill. But it's my favorite color so sometimes I insist on looking really sick. xD

I know someone who's older sister is in ROTC....only if I ever thought you and she were the same person based on that, it would be immediately ruled out. If there's even brief mentionings of being gay [like watching a documentary on Shakespeare in English class and hearing about him and his bisexual duke...] she starts practically convolsing, and screams about devil worshippers. I always thought that was funny because she's an atheist. xD
I love how you color things. :]
xD The glass spilled. I'm not sure why that amused me so much.
This is so cute. <3
Awww! Little Kaden is so cute. <3
I love his dad's hair...and his uniform. How long did it take to draw that?

As far as being gay, I think I'd be kicked out of the house. It's a good thing I'm not, I think. @.@ I'm a pastor's daughter. Although I don't think I'd get in trouble for reading gay; I've found books of a certain nature in my Mom's dresser. :] (I'm not sure why she hides them in there when she doesn't put her own clothes away.)

I don't have my ears pierced at all. xD
I don't wear jewelry so I've never felt the need pay for something I'll never use.

And Oh, Oh! My dad was in the navy. He's not in it anymore though because he has something wrong with his knees and can't be. They paid for his knee surgery and he still gets veteran benefits, however.
Oh man, his face in the third panel makes me laugh. He's so love-struck. xD
After seeing the update, I just re-read the whole comic. Your art is so pretty. :]