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I like Galacta Knight, and I love my family. Ha! I guess I am nothing like my favorite guy!
Why doesn't everyone literally just walk away and leave Kirby there?
Wait, is Azure grown up?
I think something was in the nachos...
Heh, Kirby's gone insane
I haven't commented in a while
Keeby somewhat deserved that
They spent all this time planning yet Kirby is still going to beat them up
welp, he made mistake
Can you add Galacta Knight into this?
You draw Dark Matter Blade really good
Xioalin has joined Team Rocket
I'm just waiting for Galacta Knight to become a dream friend (I also hate Morpho Knight as he absorbed my favorite character)
Xiaolin told his psychic powers to go faster
What, is someone going to push Blade out of the way and wish to be all powerful?
Kracko's regret level: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
My Life:
Everyone: talking seriously Me: "Insert Galacta Knight comment here"
Question, isn't Galacta Knight a villain?
I am still sad that my guy left...
Kirby is literally me. I am the apple-holic of my family.