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I'm a Sylveon who hates puns, watching my friends die in battle, and being called girly. I like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I also love writing stories, and got back in drawing stuff as of recently.
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    Orgo Stevani
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Don't mind me, I'm here to enjoy good art and lore.
Oh man, burn out. Something that magic users and YouTubers have in common.
I want to start off by saying SKRAAAAYEEE! Now that's out of the way, I hope that your new project ends up better than this one did.
Wait... Ash has a strategy?
Wowie Zowie, its coming soon!
I'd be hyper aggressive too if someone killed someone who would stop by and say hi to your shop everyday.
...I'd be grumpy too.

Ignore the first one.
Is be grumpy too.
Way to go, I'm super intrigued already.
Also, I checked, each of the remaining 3 should have 20 HP, since that's how many Zamder had before dying.
The second Zander died, I had a feeling the group dynamic was going to shift pretty heavily... I already miss him as the voice of reasoning. Also did they remember to take his remaining health potions?
Thanks for leaving the update. And as always, I'll be waiting for the next page when it comes out.
Hi, I'm just visiting quickly to ask how things are going for you at the moment.
...As a Feraligatr, probably?
Oh Crap. Is this going to happen?
And that's how you eat dirt for all the right reasons.
Hey, I'm popping in to see how things are for you.