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I'm a Sylveon who hates puns, watching my friends die in battle, and being called girly. I like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I also love writing stories, and got back in drawing stuff as of recently.
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    Orgo Stevani
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I bet she jumps on it after this.
Wait, what's the monster project?
Also what an idiot. He didn't even check what was in the hole in the wall first.
I find the icons used kinda funny for the fact that they contrast the art style so much.
@TeamBuneary: No. You aren't, because that all I see it as now too.
That's a nicely drawn Braixen there.
That look of dread... And then this... Okay I guess that happened Good night I mean good morning
That's a dead bird, I think.
Hey, out of curiosity are there any more updates you have on the situation?
But trees are cool enough.
@Tracey: I AM NOT A LIPID!
For some reason, I feel bad for Professor Birch.
Is it time for Spider-goon?
Though Purry sounds silly to me, I'm completely up for calling her Perry.
Who needs a Kitten when you can have ZIGZAGOON!!!!
That moment when Kishi sees the Bouffolaunt