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I'm a Sylveon who hates puns, watching my friends die in battle, and being called girly. I like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I also love writing stories, and got back in drawing stuff as of recently.
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    Orgo Stevani
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I cannot lie, I thought at least one of these two were going to die. And I'm very glad I'm wrong.
Imagine if it was 'Pokemon Fork and Spoon'.
@SyskyLycanwolf: Wow. I wouldn't have even thought of that. Nice thinking. (I also had to double check if Grovyle had 2 claws, because I usually don't pay attention to details like that.
Well, its their fault for getting close to the ominous purple crystals.
Wow, Tails the Fox has nothing on him!
I'm just happy to see this return!
Well I threw my hat in the ring.
Well that screams friendly.
Well I'm Orgo. What's your name, my dude?
I have an extremely terrible feeling something bad is about to happen to Floristra.
This might be a theory, but it seems that Vagus is overreacting.
I am extremely confused by this here Espeon.
My favorite movie director's here! Its Quentin Giratino!
How he hasn't stopped to gag on the dirt that went in his throat is a mystery to me...