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I'm a Sylveon who hates puns, watching my friends die in battle, and being called girly. I like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I also love writing stories, and got back in drawing stuff as of recently.
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    Orgo Stevani
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Wow, he means business now, doesn't he?
Ka-shick is a good sound to hear in this world, isn't it?
Is he going to use the Pokeballs to imprison them?
Uh oh. I don't think this'll end well.
Wait, was Vagus abandoned?
Hey, I thought you were returning Tuesday! (Though I don't mind a new page today)
I'd live in there. As long as I would have the internet to keep reading this comic.
What happened to Ecruteak?
Howdy... What a weird way to introduce yourself.
Is it something she saw in the dream?
Oh wait, I thought Laiba died multiple times.
Wait, she not only died, but also died more than once? How?!
But that's 2 words!
I'm still wondering about what happened to her wounds.