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I'm a Sylveon who hates puns, watching my friends die in battle, and being called girly. I like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I also love writing stories, and got back in drawing stuff as of recently.
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    Orgo Stevani
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El Fuego. I have no if I said something good or not.
No, I think its also disturbing.
Holy Crap! I can't tell if that's gruesome or not!
I can't tell if Vincent is making a face of pity or a face of fearful relief.
Wait a minute. If Yveltal dies, doesn't he absorb all life that remains? Maybe that's why he's saying he can't die, as in if he does, he'll unintentionally kill everything.
That Poochyena is the artist's representation of me when I'm done working.
I bet she's a Lycanthrope! Oh wait... Can dogs have lycanthropy?
@ShadowStalker1128: Lets just say its happened before.
Well, that escalated extremely fast.
Oh boy, that doesn't look too good.
Is it cat strangling time?
She didn't learn that her actions had consequences...
Obscure joke about Victory Fire just because the word 'victory' appeared...

This is probably the dumbest comment I've ever said.
Oh Shheeeeet Skdat and some third word that rhymes with Skdat.
Don't you just hate it when Rayquaza orders his Greninjas on you, and causes you to miss your 3:00 dentist appointment?