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None of yer buisness
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Look at that little smile
@riverside: I hope this doesn't turn into a thing of miscommunication.
The fingerguns
May 31st, 2019
All around are familiar faces...
Drew, A beautifully created character
I won't write an essay about him but I will say this. If I remember correctly Drew has had his head stuck deep inside religion, so him not really getting this at all makes sense really, him getting confused at every whim. Now am I saying the anger is wrong. No, hell no. He should do research outside of his holy text and look into science psychology. But that's what I love most about him his he does try, by asking questions they might not be polite, and he may not put his best foot forward, but he puts a foot forward by not right out rejecting the thought of them like a lot of religious people I know. It shows how he does want a relationship with Ky. So what I am hoping for is that Drew in this chapter finally accepts Ky and uses the right pronouns.
(I wrote an essay didn't I?)
I don't understand why Debbie hates Rain, (If one of the pages states why she hates her, I need to find it) But its sweet, years of friendship don't just disappear. So I like how Debbie can remember that, and do something redeeming and not just scheme all the time. Also, Debbie reminds me of Santana and Holly reminds me of Britney. (Glee)
Their name is Charlie
As you can see these to friends are sharing a friendly kiss after the yellowed-clothed lady saved the blue-clothed lady. No homo in this act.
I'm sorry but that is a mood
Its a comment
I see blushes on cheeks. OwO
This time?!?!
How many times has he messed it up!