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Little things are enough to please me, but the comic Victory Fire goes above and beyond! I love reading it after finding out a new page was uploaded. My favorite Pokémon is Mewtwo, and seeing such a significant role from him is such a treat! Thank you to all the people in charge of this comic!
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Hi Sulfurbunny
We’re all thinking of you. I’ve just finished a marching band performance and I am exhausted, but I’m still thinking of you. Please take your time :) We’re so proud of you.
Please take the time you need!
We love your comic and will wait for it, no problem. Let’s just hope Mewtwo’s experiment goes well in the meantime!
I'm a little scared
Happy New Year everyone! @SmartTurtle04 I have faith but what if it doesn't work? I'm nervous about dis

@MercenaryX that does sound really cool, I have to admit :P
@Guest He certainly has had his moments, both in anger and also being happier and kind of cute at times. I think he's definitely stressed around these pages, considering how different he acts when the world or his friends aren't... in serious danger.
@DrakonLameth you put it very well.
Oh dear
Gardevoir is such a sweetheart, and it seems more and more that she understands herself and her powers. Especially, other psychic Pokemon as well. I'm scared to see how it would go if Mewtwo tried Miracle Eye depending on what she says which is likely very true...
(Hopefully I make sense by the way, I'm very sorry if I don't lol)
@SmartTurtle08 it was good. Thank you!
Ok I love this
N has a point. XD Anyway, I’m sure Mewtwo could use teleport safely. He would have to be in the right state of mind however, and if he wasn’t concentrated that’s when it would likely go wrong. Those are my thoughts, though.
I've returned from marching band season
Hi everyone :) It was nice catching up and reading everything. Does anyone have any idea as to what Mewtwo's trying to make? I wonder how it would benefit them after they've accomplished so much...

(Also, November 13th was my birthday. yayyy XD)
Omg this is the cutest
Are there any more fires to put out? I assume so.
I appreciated this more than I should have.

Also, Mewtwo
Uh oh
@Kattra I’m thinking no. Maybe they’re what Mewtwo is referring to, as far as problems go
Well that was shot down real quick
Lovrina needs to become a better person if she ever wants to maintain any kind of relationship with her sister at all, but now I’m starting to see maybe she doesn’t even care about her sister.
@SmartTurtle04 yes, and she wouldn’t be protecting the world from devastation.
@SmartTurtle04 I would imagine that during a time like this, it would be unlikely for Hoopa to show up, or Victini for that matter.. however I wouldn’t be surprised if Lovrina tries to cause any trouble.
“Team Base” @somerandomguynumber1 and yeah, probably Gengar’s design lol
Lopunny is a powerful one
I’m gonna be at band camp for a week or two but I ain’t nevuh gonna stop reading this
Oh N, you’ve missed a lot...

@CL_Himself (Guest) I really hope not.
I don’t want this comic to end :<

Darkrai felt that way likely because he was developing as a living being and was still understanding the relationship between Pokémon, much like Mewtwo who slowly understood the difference between humans and Pokémon (and why it is significant in a good way).