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Blue Kitty
Illustrator with a love for comics
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Blue Kitty
November 18th, 2016
The Comeback
Hey Everyone, This post may come as a shock or a surprise I know I've been off the grid with making this comic. First I want to thank old readers and welcome new readers.
This post means I'm coming back ! Not right away, but the aim is for the start of next year. I really want to come back to this world and these characters, everyday I wanted to start again but never had the chance. So let's work hard and make a great comeback..who knows, A new look may also be in the works, now with the new site designs going on(not drastic, i promise), so until then, stay warm guys.
@SteamArtPunk: Thank you!
@Hajimari: Wooo! Thanks for the continued support!
@Oakmint: I'm glad to hear it! I'll work hard, thanks for the support!
@xX-DragonFairy-Xx: Thank you!!
Regina is Back!!
It's been over a year but Regina is back! I apologize to all you readers and thank you those who are still here.

Updates however are now MON-WED-FRI and not Daily, due to time constraints but the show must go on

(edit) oh this counts as today 2.Mar update! My timezone has changed so Wednesday might post on a tuesday in some places!
Thanks for waiting!
Chapter 20 complete! Of course I had to upload the whole chapter, I'd be crazy to make you all wait any longer!

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding, it was a long wait and I apologize for it. I hope the chapter was worth it haha >.>
Blue Kitty
August 30th, 2014
@aorau: wow wow wow. Thanks so much for the encouragement~! I had a few technical problems the last 2 months, but chapter 20 will be up soon. Thank you so much for reading!!
Blue Kitty
August 28th, 2014
@InWonderlandz: soon! I've been able to scan everything, I just have to clean it up/tone/add text. >.< sorry it's been so long
Blue Kitty
July 10th, 2014
@HABE: haha I don't think anyone would want to play Cole, they all hate him. I will be making a buffer of pages :)
@Iron: Thanks ...siigh~ and I was all fired up and ready to work too...

I hoped and wished this would never happen again, but all month I have been met with many difficulties. I planned to colour that splash page couldn't because of various issues in my personal life. Now my scanner broke down (won't come on at all) and putting Regina on another unplanned Hiatus.
So please bear with me, and hopefully things start turning around for the better.

End card too big in size.
This layout also doesn't work well with landscape pictures. So check it out here!

Chapter 20 begins 7/7/14!
End of chapter 19!
Already!? What will Regina say!?
Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a special end card!
@InWonderlandz: haha interesting thoughts. I'll keep them in mind :)
@InWonderlandz @theape aah~ >.< I guess I made him a bit too cruel, but that's how I see him. *sweat* heh
Don't worry the '400 pages' picture will be done, but it will take some time. So in the meantime check out a quickie of Victoria on the FB page!
There's still a chance to say which 2 characters you'd like me to draw!
So silly me...
...just realised Regina is now over 400 pages!
*wipes sweat* PHEW~! the road is long but worth it!
I should probably draw something to celebrate right?
I'll draw 2 characters! Which 2 should I draw?! :D
A new face..
and Cole's Girlfriend!?