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Congratulations!! I look forward to reading the complete story!
Rope burn, I'm guessing. It looks like he tried to hang himself 😭
Now this is some good April fools pranking 😂
March 30th, 2019
You have stolen all of my UwUs
Poor boi... he try
But, if her uncle is her husbands father then they would be first cousins not second cousins?
Okay, but I'm like 10,000% down for a poly relationship between Lizzy, Dana, and Lex.
Wait, what's Dana's favorite color?
Awww even the doggos fav color is included (grey lol is that because that's how pups see the world?)
That alien language looks like Mika's from No-Life lol
Yas bitch
Finally, something to look forward to on valentine's day!
February 4th, 2019
@Whimsy: lol your comment made me chuckle
*His name is Taylor* and yes it seems he was raped by that girl. Which may I point out that this story is not only heartbreaking, it also highlights an important fact that boys can be raped too. He was under the influence of alcohol, unconscious, and also gay so I'm pretty sure that even if he were conscious he wouldn't have given his consent to that girl.
Cue clenched buttcheeks
This is so pretty!
December 4th, 2018
Cave! Cave! Cave! Be bad!!!
I want one
I would just like to say that I fully enjoy Theo's shirt.