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J-Just looking around ^^;
OH YEAH I love thiiis
September 26th, 2008
haha girly nails are powerful though D:
aww he looks adorable XD
Guh, that's a pretty crappy way to die o_o; Very well-drawn though!
oh my goddd
School sucks booo. Can't update much on my own comic because of it D:
Good luck! We'll all be waiting here =D
Boo she's a pooper D:<
Hey, how do you even come up with these great clothes designs btw?
You're great with action scenes!
Ah! So beautiful!
Yay chapter 2! Pretty cover <3
Yeah, I remember him.
ahh ahhh this is amazing and beautiful and epiccc ;___;
I love this guyy <33
guhh you're really good at drawing perspective and poses and clothes...and pretty much everything D8
The german guy!!
July 30th, 2008
Dude what I was just playing MGS a second ago.
Hahaha I love Dar's girl run ;u;
I always love how you color your pages. You always use the right colors and they give some sort of mood.
Oh my...she saw a lot :O
Woww that window + pretty 8OO xD;
Now what are they gonna do..?
lol what? XD
This is really cute *faves*
Maybe he took her comment too seriously...? Don't keel himmm DD: