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I am an author who draws inspiration from other people’s amazing characters.
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    Bryn Grossmann
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I’m in marching band, and the guard instructor at our school is literally the nicest guy (except he has a vendetta against me for unknown reasons). My friend (Mello section leader) was getting bullied by some of the other kids, and he took care of it for her, plus when the girls all started getting into trouble for wearing shorts to practice (?????) he stepped in to help sort things out and make sure no one was getting into trouble. People really don’t understand just how true it is when they say that color guard and band directors are like second parents to us.
I love Kylee’s little smile in the last panel
Email the prof email the prof eMAIL THE PROF-
September 15th, 2018
Sooch looks like a grumpy kitten and I live for it