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@TranshumanAr: Dark Souls is tough but fair, Battletoads is anything but. It pretty much requires memorization of the hoverbike sections to pass them, since a single miss kills you.

And since its an old game you have limited lives and then its back to the beginning of the game. Completely unacceptable by today's standards.
I just love the visual style of this game. I've played the stories of 3 characters so far. Primrose, Olberic and Ophelia and I'm super sold on Primrose. I love her story and her mature voice is just the coolest.

I just started the newest demo over so I can pick Primrose as my main character. Since I read you can't switch your main character until you finish their story.
Nice work Rudy, excellent handling of this reveal.

I guess Rudy will next go to Rain for ideas on how to support Colette, being very careful not to accidentally out them.
@Guest: I wonder if he's doing that on purpose, to try to get to the root of Todd, similar to what Vincent is doing with Rain's family.