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Poor flare having his body forcibly taken by something and then not remembering a thing
Firelord6127 is right though the creator doesn't like the "who commented the fastest stuff" and has asked people to stop you just added to the flame by coming back at the dude for not going to past posts and saying it because it wouldn't help at all when it was over 800 pages ago. The comments section is supposed to be discussions about the comic not about who can be the fastest. I hope you can see this from now on
Super Saiyan Jolteon?
Ahh ice types always sleeping in the refrigerator for some reason
Ice types just can't handle the heat
Oh that makes sense as to why we had that like on to two week period where they uploaded pretty frequently
Could also be just a 7 deadly sins reference there is an anime and manga about that too where the heroes have tattoos similar to those ones
So somebody watched the seven deadly sins huh
So mixed up memories but sounds more like a lazuli that just came from a different dimension to me but I could be wrong.
YAAY MANA THE MANAPHY IS BACK! Also I like how Espeon doesn't freak out and just sorta looks confused but chill
Flareon and leafeon... I SHIP IT LIKE FED EX
I think the reason the episodes are coming out so fast is because the creator stockpiled them and just released them one after another each day to keep us coming back
I'm pretty sure speedy and jolt were going to make it a competition to see who could clean the fastest
Oops meant to put this as a reply to someone else
That's not how it works
I don't think that's how that works revives only work when a Pokemon faints Frost is straight dead as seen in special chapters plus this is like a mystery dungeon universe not normal Pokemon universe
So I guess we'll see more of Axel
Aww don't feel so bad at least you're trying to make up for it