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I'm married to my awesome wife, we have loads of kids & way too many animals.

I enjoy cartooning, computers, photography to name a few. I work at a newspaper as a graphic designer, I suffer from Tourets occassionally (generally on deadline) otherwise I'm a pretty normal type (although many would disagree).

Developed a cartoon character 23 years ago & he's evolved quite a lot over that time & he generally hangs out with my other 2 characters who are 22 & 16 respectively. I think each one of them represents part of my psyche which is a bit worrying I suppose. Anthropomorphic is my thing, thinking about developing some people characters but one step at a time. It's taken me quite some time to get around to doing this but I always say, no point rushing things although I feel I may have taken it too far this time.
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Yeah, I'm back!

Last few months have been a bit rough with my Dad passing away but I'm slowly finding time to get back into things. Not quite back to where I was but getting there!
I'm back!
Holy cow, I did it! I actually pulled my finger out and got back into the swing of things! It’s been a long time coming I know.

Now, for those of you that don’t know, the ‘Caber Toss’ is a Scottish event whereby competitors literally hurl a caber which is a huge log basically (think telegraph pole or big tree) as far as they can. Why? Probably because they can and if someone is strong enough to throw an entire tree around for fun then I’m not about to question their choice of recreational activities now am I?

Anyway, this idea was given to me by my dad and since this is the first strip I’ve published since his passing, this one is dedicated to you dad!

Happy reading!
Coming soon
Well I started to organise myself this weekend and actually have a couple of frames of part II done.
Sadly my father passed away recently after a long battle with cancer so things have been all over the place.
So I hope to have some new material up here soon, gotta pursue the dream right?
Thanks for your patience!
Yes it has been an awfully long time since I updated.
Sadly my father passed away recently after a long battle with cancer so everything else has been on hold.
Rest assured I haven't forgotten, I just need to reorganise myself now.
Cheers all
They are...
You're doing well MOnkm4n, Rupert is indeed a cat, a very mangy one at that, Clint is a bear, a smallish rather under weight bear to be exact and Harry is a fox, despite the big nose which has led some to believe he is a dog. He has the bloodhound gene in his family from generations back which explains that enormous snozz.
We'll Be Right Back!!
Well, soon enough anyway.
I really tried to have the second installment of The Game Show ready to roll but this last month has been quite hectic. A new job for one thing (which is quite the tale itself) basketball tournaments and my parents up for a visit meant time was a scarce commodity!
Rest assured I have made some progress on the next chapter however I didn't want to upload anything that wasn't ready so rather than just do nothing, I thought I'd upload a portrait of the boys I did a while back. I used charcoal pencils for the lines and charcoal powder with a brush for the toning.
The scan came up pretty well, maybe a touch darker than it is in reality but I'm happy with it.
Anyway, hope you like it!
We're off on a weeks vacation today so when I get back I hope to get moving on the next chapter of the story!
Happy reading!
PS. The above image is copyright 2008 Scott Weaver, all rights reserved.
Certainly is the longest one, the start of many hopefully.
The next installment should be happening soon, what with getting a new job, parents visiting and an upcoming holiday to plan, life has been full of business. Time for me to pull my finger out and stop saying I'll get to and just do it!!
They're back!
Well it took me much longer than I would have liked but life has a way of getting in the way of things like this, especially when I have to go to work.
Anyway, here is the new and improved Harry's Morons! New format, different direction and... bom bom boommmm... a story line!
So stay tuned for the next installment to see where the boys end up on their ill advised adventure! I'm really hoping not to take so long between chapters but as usual, time will tell!
Happy reading!
Vote cast at WebcomicZ!

I'm gonna get in trouble at work for laughing so much!
Welcome back!
Laughed out loud at this one, "Good talk though", bahahaha.

Great to see you back.
My condolences to you and your family on your father's passing.
This is great stuff, sitting here at work laughing at Pete and his drunken ways. No, not because I relate to him either, lol.

Funny stuff.
Oh Pete, will you ever learn?

Good to see this up and running.
Armor of the Bear, love it, haha.
Delays shmelays
Well the backgrounds are taking a bit more time than I anticipated! The kitchen and dining room are done so now I'm onto the loungeroom. Once that's done I can move on to the actual cartooning. All new drawings happening so expect a fresher look, one or two subtle changes to the characters plus the addition of the backgrounds will make for a nice improvement.

You know, designing a house is harder than I thought! Lucky it doesn't cost anything to draw furniture or I'd be broke! New dining table, new kitchen, new lounge, sheesh!

Oh yes, I must finish the story as well!
What can I say? It says it all. Keep Harry's Morons faved though and check back from time to time.

Thanks for all the positive feedback so far, I hope the 'new and improved' format will be even better!
I actually uploaded this strip on Friday and used the delayed release gizmo here and it seems it works!

I'm down visiting my dear old dad for the weekend so totally unlike me I was organized enough to upload a strip ahead of time.

Will wonders never cease?

Happy reading!
Those 2 deserve to get their come uppance! One day Rupert will get his revenge... he hopes.

Happy reading!
Close Mr Zobe, I'm actually turning 37 in a month (although 27 would be far nicer... or 17!)

Harry's been with me for 23 of those years!
Something a bit different
I thought I'd do something a bit different this time. I was rummaging through my stuff and came across the original first ever drawing of Harry! How it survived this long is beyond me but I thought why not preserve it by uploading it? So with that I scanned the original and some others that reflect the changes in Harry over his lifetime. I also plan to do the same with Clint and Rupert in time. You won't recognise Rupert at all.

I thought seeing Harry's origins may be interesting to some people. If nothing else it shows how a character develops over time, sometimes of its own accord.

Anyway, normal programming will resume from my next upload which could be anytime!

Stay tuned.

Happy reading!
I'm of Scottish heritage myself!