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I like Elan, it wasn’t obvious to me at the beginning but this little rebel has words and charm !
What he saw is the hundred dollars question ;)
Poor boy, this must be so hard !! Come on fang ! Show us some sexy time
Oh god I am so happy !
Evan is so cute ! So hyper all the time.
I wonder if he is sniffing cute-ocaïne in secret ^^
I did not expect such maturity from Claw. I have some kind of respect for him now. At least he doesn't fool himself, he knows he has big flaws and does not think of himself as a shining knight every princess wants.
Koutaro is very appealing in this frame !
Evan is so cute !!!
I hope this is the burning flame of love that I see in their eyes on the last frame ...
I can't believe how he brushed off Claw's implication in this mess ! Sure, Daniel messed up, he totally failed to see the point of complete honesty in a relationship meant for life. But it was mainly because at an age were your soul can be the most influenced, Claw tainted him : dishonesty, cheating, abuse, rape... No wonder he lost hismself. Whereas Daniel did his best to preserve Fang almost since the beginning. In Fang's place, I would sulk, be mad at Daniel ; hammering honesty's value in his head. But Claw would have his face covered with the prints of my fists.
The landscapes are really catching ! Besides your mythology about the creation of their world is very well inspired and beautiful. Well done !
Oh my god this is killing me !
I love the colors!
jealousy boy ?
victor is amazingly sharp ! i like him
Oh no tisik! Hold on to the living!
He is cute ! Swirling hair suits him well
This is so old school, I love it
I enjoy the details in your art. The spirit of working in a lab, the architecture, the design, even the directions instructions is well done. I feel like I am with them all while reading. It is very interesting and gives your story a unique style.
This page is beautiful, the lady is very well done
Cowboy you are so damn cute !
His expression !
His expression when his face is agains the tiled wall is especially well drawn. Very realistic