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Anime/manga, drawing, writing
^^Literally my life story >v>
I'm wondering how Pace is going to take all this. He doesn't seem super receptive to the idea that deer can actually feel things like love and stuff, maybe as a way to avoid guilt for killing them or something? I'm glad your dog is ok, anyway!
I always mentally gave Deadwood a similar voice to the beast in OtGW but never considered it male or female
Man, this comic is amazing, I'm so excited to read more
November 6th, 2018
Mikael you gotta tell him what's wrong he's worried
oh, fuck.
@M1mgaa: I think you are correct
@M1mgaa: damn tho how old is this demon compared to all these kids??? that just makes it creepier
wow i just realized how many fingers he has. I mean, jeez, when do you ever need that many? He must be a hella good pianist or something
i just noticed that Tobi's eyes aren't blue right now...
oh shit
(side note: those are some very well drawn, realistic eyeballs right there, just wanted to mention that)
I hope he finally accepts/realizes that they are friends bc SERIOUSLY
1. Rudy: you sweet summer child you are so cute and wholesome
2. Ben: Stay tf away from this gud lil boy
@everyone - favorite tv show/movie/genre?
Can Hamburger do any tricks?
Wuh oh :/
Wait, is that the bobcat thing?
Poor Tobi is so confused
Oh, if only it could stay this pure with Toby being this happy and Rudy going back to his cheerful self *sobs*
Aww he's so cute! They're all so cuuute!!