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I am a manga creator in training. Currently working on several comics. I think smackjeeves is the best site in history, so many great comics!!! If your on my favorites list....I read you, every last one...if i didn't i wouldn't fave you....
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good job, where are your amazing fun facts?
this page is nice!!!
i know what you mean about motivation 8P
it must be orange juice, huh?
you're taking a page out of le jelleh's book! (pun intended)
so glad to see another page! this is intense!
he can't diee!!!! hehe
I can't believe I made it back!!! Thanks supernova for the words of encouragement!! 8P It feels good...I can't wait to get cracking on the story again, I've got lots of great ideas! Thanks all for still being fans-I lost I think 2 fans in that little lapse I had there....
take it back, dangerface, take it back!
yeah please don't be a jerk and just fall off the face of the earth like some people ;P
nice page-your art style is constantly improving!
wow, nice castle! (makes mine look rather boring)
nice perspective on that last panel....and the first panel is just plain classy!
yeah the background looks really great!
omg! sophie noooo!
wow, coooool!
it makes sense to have the characters moving in the same way as the writing....i completely understand your motives in reversing the image
i always loved this comic, glad it isn't isn't's just sleeping....i love the character for this should illustrate just what you put in the introduction, i can see some pretty animated scenes there!
cool! i like your new banner!
wow! c'mon hyde, what is your deal?!?!?!
awww he looks so cute! so interesting right now!