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Yeah, that's about it. ^^;; I know it isn't really clear.
Yep, Crystalbear hit it right on the head; this is a brand new Link. ^^; You're implying that one Link lived for literally centuries- maintaining his youth all the while. ^^;; Or that he remembers everything that he did in his last incarnation.

Nope, my Link was born in this era. ^^; More on that later. ^^
Ha, that's later, silly. ^^;;
Mkay. Here's page 29.

In all its darkness-with-strange-sound-effects glory.

Totally worth the wait, yeah? No, no it's not, but as I have the next two pages complete, I consider the bottleneck out of the way. I won't post these immediately, but probably week by week (giving me time to work on the next pages ^^;)
Merry Christmas!

I am SO close to finishing page 29- but I'm gonna have to be gone for a few days here, so I thought I would post my progress so far.

Bleh, if it looks like fish vomit, that's probably a good thing...

I'll probably leave this up as a detail shot, as it will be shrunk down a bit for the real page.

I'm so sorry I've made you guys wait so long, but I'm doing my best. ^^;;
Filler again. Sorry for the lack-o-updates. It's a busy time of year, and I have to coordinate all this stuff. If all goes well, you'll have updates around Christmas (I actually have the next few pages finished- I just need to finish page 29.)

I thought I'd share this with you. It's a high school art project- I'm doing my concentration on Zelda. CX (Crownflame is me, by the way. This is one of the few sites where I go by a different name)

Oh, BTW, this comic was reviewed on SMACKreviews by Foxin! -mission-green-fish-reviewed-by-foxin/
Thanks so much. ^^; You made me look great- you're probably easier on me than I am to myself. CX Of course, I realize that's not really the point... but it's appreciated. ^^; I'm glad my little experiment has had such a good effect on you. I just hope I can whip up my next page quick enough. ^^;; I did have some issues, as this is really my first comic ever, so it's good to know that I'm straightening out what needs to be straightened out. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to squint at this over your PSP. XD I'm elated that you enjoyed it, and am very grateful for the watch. ^^
Okay, I'm still alive, and I'm still working on LOZPN! No worries. ^^ Page 30 is complete as of today.

This panel is what you could call a sneak-peek, since it was cut from the original Page 30. I chose to replace it, however, to make the flow better. (I mean to say, it isn't actually technically part of the comic).

As you can see, I'm whipping out the brush pen for this! XD Page 30 is absolutely gorgeous, but you'll have to wait a bit for it. ^^;;; Sorry, but I need to finish 29 (Color!). XD

Ha, I figured out why it was so hard to draw Link for these pages- his hair! His hair is like second nature to me- when I sketch him, it's eye, eye, swoosh! But when it's all wet and limp instead of angelic and poofy, it throws off my groove. XD

Sorry about the hiatus- I've been very busy lately. ^^;; I was in a play for a couple weeks there. XD
Ha, thanks! I'm extremely pleased with how fast they're coming, too. I knew they would get quicker when I got back in school... ^^
Oh, Dorsu... Such a caring and sensitive fellow.

This page, again, is rather poor, but meh. ;

The next page should be REALLY QUICK, once I get a chance to work on it.
Oh my gosh, here we go again with the relatively quick updates. I am on a roll!

By the way, this page is totally on crack. Just thought I'd say. Randomly floating images, crazy speech bubbles... relatively crappily drawn characters.


Ah, well, the next page is fun, and the page after that is REALLY fun. At least for me. X3 Not so much for Link. XD But he'll get over it. (And he gets new clothes out of the deal, too!)

Oh yeah, and it's my 17th birthday on the 25th. ^^;; XD YAY!
Wow, I haven't updated this quickly in a long while.

Wow, Dorsu...

Dorsu: IN YOUR FACE, LINK! Fear MAH powah of expreshun, silly mammal!

Link: <unavailable for comment>

Sigh, you know you're getting okay at this when your characters start choosing expressions for themselves. I'm not sure why Dorsu would choose THAT one, per se, but hey, he never was the most self-concious guy.

Mmm... peristalsis. Enjoy!
M'kay. I was going to wait and post the next two at once for better flow, but meh. Lots of work went into this one, obviously. XD But yeah.

No lewd comments, please. Link wouldn't appreciate that. Y'know, gravity 'n all. ^^;;
Ha, as if it wasn't obvious, what with Phoenix Wright, Pokemon, Hylian people and whatnot walking around. ^^;;
I'm sorry too, but I'm just trying to prevent an inbox full of comments on that instead of comments on the actual stuff.

Like I said, I honestly wouldn't know. >.>;;

3rd panel- Well, I think that expression would be out of place on Dorsu, of course, but on Lola, Jabu's caretaker... Why so?

4th panel- Jabu's loosening his grip so he can flip Link into his jaws pretty soon here. XD I know it's not clear, but... that's what it is. XD

Thanks muchly, though, for commenting back- I really appreciate it.
Dude, WTF!

I'm not going to play this game with you guys if you're going to be dirty. :( XD

I wouldn't know, okay? Shut up. XD


Too much dang yaoi on this freakin' site... screwing with people's pure innocent minds... ^^;;

You know it's a fish, okay? That's what it is. A fish.

I'm really sorry, but, no, I'm not leaving that stuff there to corrupt my other readers. Obviously that was not the intention, so please be polite and courteous here. You guys all owe me REAL comments now! You can do that, right? ^^;;


Shut up, Link. There's a reason we don't let you talk.

Hm, anyway, here it is. Not as stunning as I'd like, but, hey.

Is it my best? No.
Is it half-assed? Probably.
Is it passable? Totally.

Well, at least Lola ended looking pretty superb, if nothing else.

And the close up was fun, even if it is pretty stupid. X3

Luckily these next few pages are biggold scene-type panels, but no promises that I'll finish it any faster, unfortunately. ^^; It's summer, for Din's sake. XD Anyway, enjoy! ^^

Dude, don't be impatient! I lost one of my fans over the gap. XD;;;
It's times like this I'm glad that Sam's the type of character he is. ^^ I hope his life stops sucking sometime, though. XD
I like it better this way. XD

You should have a fan make a general layout for you sometime, since it seems to be so random anyway. XD