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The End
It's been a wild ride, and a great time. When I started this project, I thought it would be shorter, I thought it would be faster, and I thought I wouldn't care as much. But as I got more into it, I learned a great deal, I've gotten better, and faster, and more skilled, and I love the work I produced. I won't be updating the Heir of the Holt any more any time soon, this is the last panel I had planned for this story.

If you like my work, I will be doing more projects after the holiday break. If you want to keep up to date, I have a few sites I update on. Catch me on DeviantArt at the link below. Thank you so much for reading.
Special Tuesday update
Hey all, I wanted to do a 5 panel update today, but I had some things come up, so I'll be back tomorrow with the last 3. Stay tuned!
@Roland: Thanks. I'm really proud of this one. There's another out of sequence illustration I did a little while back that I posted elsewhere, but since I've been generally good about updating, I have needed to post it here as filler. It's the whole party out front of Lake Zarovich, as Garsh contemplates a crown he found.
Yeah, there's not a lot of colour in Barovia to work with...
Unplanned Hiatus
Oh my goodness, thanks for bearing with me, folks. It's been a bit hard to keep up these days, even though I do small updates week to week. Sorry for that. I'm here, and I'll try to keep afloat during the holidays as well. I haven't forgotten about this comic, Garsh's story is not done. I have about 23 panels planned after this 2 panel update. I think I can finish before February, but we've all heard of my optimism before. We'll see. One way or another, though, this chapter of Garsh's story will come to a close.

See you next week :)
Filler art
Filler art for this week, sorry not to advance the story. Had this bouncing around in my head after a particularly inspiring session, and I needed to give it some of my time.

Next week is back to regular updates.
...I'm sure I could make him cuter... I'm sure it could be done. But I just don't know how...
Hands are hard to draw. Apparently I like to punish myself by framing them.
This one was fun to figure out, but it set me back a while before I came up with anything I liked. Somehow, looking at what I had originally scripted just didn't have that je nais se quoi. Apparently the answer is: more angst.
Got back from the woods, still haven't had a weekend to catch up on my backlog, so one more single panel update. Next week should be back to the regular update schedule.
Slim week(s)
Hey, I'm going on a trip this week, and with all the prep I haven't had much time to work on the comic sadly.

So first up, this week's update is a slim one, and I apologize for that.
Second up, the next update will be late - probably on the 15th, rather than the 13th.
Thanks for reading!

I update Mondays. This week's update will be pretty short because I'm going to be shooting a short film, but there will be more, I promise!