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So, if he is a crab, and he took his shell and crust off, does this mean now he's walking crab meat?! o _o is Ariel gonna see him like blubbery white stuff?
Your mother's looks are indeed quite striking.
It would seem that when Stevie is sad he acquires telekinetic powers, as his homework is floating over his violet colored flashback.
His mother's cleavage in the second panel seems to be uneven, her left chest seems to be noticeably larger than the right.
I guess Stevie didn't get his eyebrows from his mother, unless she plucks her eyebrows to make them 1 third their normal size.
Oh, that was sneaky how she changed her cigarette from one hand to the other between panels. She must be a prestidigitator. That would explain how she managed to take the paper away from him so swiftly.
It would be an interesting character trait if Stevie's hair fell off when he was startled and grew back when he was relaxed again. Then that would raise questions like, does it grow to the same length it was before? How quickly does it grow back? Does it grow into the same hairstyle he had before? Does it keep the same consistency?
I guess that the teacher suffers from a similar trait, when she is distressed her nose falls off. It would raise a similar set of questions.
But I digress.
October 23rd, 2010
This classroom looks a little rickety.
The lines you used to construct this classroom makes me think that consistency of the walls is brittle, and that this school is of poor quality, therefor they probably live in a third world country. Also the fact that the teacher has resorted to use a rectangular box as a desk leads me to this conclusion. Am I correct?
How the teacher separates the word "homework" into "home" and "work" makes me think that there are children in the back of the room that are probably finishing up the homework the minute before it's due and she is making emphasis on "home" to mock these children. It would make sense that she is mocking the children because the teacher herself looks very young, almost the same age as the children. But then that would mean that she is a child prodigy, being able to teach at such a young age, therefor she would be mature enough to find mocking degrading. Her handwriting could use a little work, though. I can barely understand what she wrote on the blackboard!
But I digress.
Ah, I see you chose a lighter, mint green for this page.
It is a very interesting contrast between the energetic and ominous image that you've drawn and the cool relaxing minty color that you've chosen for this page. I wonder if you did this as a way to play with the conventional standard of red being a more emotional and danger conveying color. Was this intentional?
I just noticed that the eyes of the giant character licking the smaller character are looking into the distance instead of looking directly into the viewer's eye. The second would be what most people would choose to do as it a way to create tension between the reader and the character, but I believe that this distant look feels more like the character doesn't want to confront the viewer, as he or she doesn't feel he has a reason to explain his actions to the reader. He does whatever he wants and he doesn't have to answer to common views of what is right and what is wrong.
The character being licked reminds me of a turtle on it's back. This makes him look very defenseless. Is is meant to symbolize that he will go through situations in which he will be powerless and unable to control what happens around him, much like an upside down turtle?
Also, the handwritten "Chapter 1" typography could use a little more clarity. It is a little hard to read it vertically like this.
Ah, I see you chose green.
Fuck is a beautiful word. It is so versatile, you can use it in so many ways, it can be a verb, and adjective, a noun. What tense is he using it in here? I'm just curious.
The little laurel leaves on each side of the title are interestingly offset. How did you get this idea? Was it supposed to evoke a specific feeling in your readers, a sense of how uneven and unstable the main character's life and personality are?
I also like the thickness of his eyebrows. It allows him to be much more expressive and it is uncommon for a character, which is interesting. Are his eyebrows consistent with his ethnicity?
August 3rd, 2010
Holy sh--
Those hands look gorgeous dammit O:<
I actually love everything about this. The hair, the eyes, the hands, look beautiful.
6 pack?
Is that abs I see? I'm officially in love xD
3rd panel = strike a sexy pose... now!
o 3o when you don't know what something is, just shoot it. That's a good philosophy.
On a leash? Hmmm. *fun thoughts* = w=
xD taking advantage!
Oh goodie, why does she look so adorable on that 2nd panel D:

*nosebleed* o 3o
Dx The last panel's too cute.
Tomoyo you lucky bastard D:
August 29th, 2008
x3 so very cute.
August 29th, 2008
Tee-hee. She's got ADD.

This is such a cute plot o 3o
So fluffy o 3o

Your art is very good, and the story is pretty interesting so far. Very nice work, I'll stalk you a little.