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Battle Ravyn
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@RukaKNight: Technically they are dating right now, but Sooch asked to take it slow, and Howie agreed.
@Anon: That idea sounds interesting. I'd read it.
Battle Ravyn
April 17th, 2019
This is simply stunning. Reminiscent of Mulan a little, but such a higher quality. I love this.
If you can't finish it as a comic, why not try finishing it as a story instead? Once you've written the story to its ending, maybe you'll find the motivation to want to physically draw the scenes as you've written them? Just an idea. It might help....
I am sad that this is coming to an end. I really love your art style. I do hope that whatever you do in the future you continue drawing, because you are really wonderful.
Can we take a moment to give poor Fin's rear a proper memorial? RIP little booty. Let us all hope you were loved well.
Battle Ravyn
January 13th, 2019
Love the new names.
Did anyone else notice Nemo and Crow's fingers? Foreshadowing perhaps?
@AphroditeB%W: For the longest time though wasn't it the pic from the 2/4/18 update?
Aphrodite, is your avatar a new pic of Buck? I don't recall it being this before....?
That Prachi Saini needs to seriously contain the calamity that is her mammaries. What a self-entitled brat. You do you MiuTati. Those of us who respect you will just patiently wait and reread this wonderful work over and over again. =) BTW I love your take on the myth of Persephone and Hades. And furries, YAY!!!
I know it happened in the past, but this is breaking my heart.
Is Aiden actually mute, or is he actively choosing not to speak? And if he is mute, is it from birth or did it happen to him later in life?
@ForestOwlMei: The reason I asked is because I can see and completely appreciate the time you spend making each panel. I applaud you for doing it "the traditional" way. I think it makes one have to hone their craft that much more. Even if you are sketching before hand, erasing too much can get in the way of coloring it in later on. I hope your other readers appreciate the time it takes to do it this way. So keep up the amazing work. I eagerly await more.
Your medium
I've been wondering, Author, what medium do you use? It looks like a combination of colored pencils, pastel charcoal and crayon? Am I right, or is it just a digital program that mimics the look?
Everyone's swooning about how our boys are finally going to dance together, and I'm over here like "Who's that sassy redhead behind Nate?"
@amanduur: Like I've said before, I stalk you on all the platforms you post on and your Inasta page. Bwaahaahaaa. But seriously you really are one of my favorite content producers. And I love the fact that you engage with your audience and respond back to our questions, especially when it's not during a Q&A. =)
It's so cheesy my lactose intolerance started flaring up. LOL. I'm totally joking. Great work.
Would you be willing to post an update on 10/31? It's the 8th anniversary of my 30th birthday.... I'd love you forever. Not that I don't stalk your work on all the platforms you post on and love your work already.