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I'm just a dude who wants to make a popular webcomic... someday.
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Me and my friend, circa 2019
What can I say, eevees are fricken cute as heck.

and should be the new pokemon mascot instead of pikachu.
Harmony Harmony...
You hurt someone close to Dusk, someone who blames him for your words. You want Dusk to visit you more often? Stop being mean to those that Dusk cares about. Apologize and make amends. With the way you're acting right now, it honestly makes sense that Dusk would react that way to you asking him to visit more often.
also why would you curse us with this cursed alt text. how DARE you use the bee movie script smh.
Harmony's making Dusk mad enough to conduct business on continental grounds.
Everymon: *eventually finds out that Dusk created a whole other mon because he was lonely*

Dusk: now listen guys, its not what you thi-

Everymon: GeT a GiRlFrIeNd DuDe, ThAtS wEiRd BrO lIkE tHaTs JuSt SaD dUdE
I can hear the sound of Harmony's soul leaving her body and being slowly crushed into a fine powder by the powerful bug-eyed stare of Dusk's mudsdale mask
This reminds me of something...
The labsol's tongue lolling out like that makes me feel super uncomfortable... It really makes me think about what kind of messed up stuff he must have done to vay and everyone.
Vay: guys seriously, its fine really...

Dusk and night:
I know that blizz is a boy. I can see where you got confused, too. When I said "and she is the best character that I've never met", I was referring to pepper, not blizz.
「Red Hot Chili Pepper」
Blizz has a stand and she is the best character that I've never met.

Stand name: 「Pepper」
Stand user: Blizz the glaceon


I've been watching too much JoJo's Bizzare Adventure...

(Edit: o shoot, someone made a similar comment before this one fricc)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Blizz better not be planning to take any kidneys... I don't think charlie would appreciate that.
A starting obsession
My little pony(ta) is a children's show that you think you might not like until you're done with season one and realize that you might have a problem, and that spirals out of control into a craze that causes you to basically watch every season and become practically enveloped. Blizz has suffered the fate of many.
Greenpaw has more space than we thought...

also, why can't any of the eevees use the other half of the 1st floor of the building as a living space? is that some sort of storage area? is it haunted and none of the eevees want to go in? is it filled with dangerous traps?!?!
new fren

thanks friend.
I thought it was a different cipher.
I would've figured it eventually, but thanks.
oof, ciphers
Why does the secret message have to be encoded with a cipher...
I don't even know which one it is. ;-;
double post of the same post. you have been done for a bamboozle.