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Your Local Ghost King
Is there seriously not an option for the 1930s on my birthdate? Oh.
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@Your Local Ghost King: WOW kid you just got r/WOOOOOOSHED!!!! 😂😂👀

"Wooosh" means you didn't get the joke, as in the sound made when the joke "woooshes" over your head. I bet you're too stupid to get it, IDIOT!! 😤😤😂

My joke was so thoughtfully crafted and took me a total of 3 minutes, you SHOULD be laughing. 🤬 What's that? My joke is bad? I think that's just because you failed. I outsmarted you, nitwit.🤭

In conclusion, I am posting this to the community known as "R/Wooooosh" to claim my internet points in your embarrassment 😏. Imbecile. The Germans refer to this action as "Schadenfreude," which means "harm-joy" 😬😲. WOW! 🤪 Another reference I had to explain to you. 🤦‍♂️🤭 I am going to cease this conversation for I do not converse with simple minded persons.😏😂
@PositivePessimist: ahoy spongebob me boy i just committed tax fraud and am wanted for 15 federal crimes agagagagagagagga
@im 11: 👏all 👏bubble 👏blowing 👏babies 👏will 👏be 👏beaten 👏senseless 👏by 👏every 👏abled 👏bodied 👏patron 👏in 👏the 👏bar
tina: please don't ship blizz and vay, they're best brothers and it's completely platonic and they'll develop overtime to improve together and grow a bond that isnt romantic

everyone: *continues to ship it*

tina: am i a joke to you
@Creamy Eevee: Rick is only the father of Dusk, Bolt, Vay, Blizz, and Flame. Anyone else is the child of Harmony and Lem.
Oh man! I just realized that in the second to last panel, Vay is looking outside from his door to see Blizz meant truly that he wasn't going to give up and he slept next to his room to wait for him to come out.

My heart just shattered into millions of pieces.
@Guest: i hate harmony x lem
was the "i make comics for a living" a call-out to yourself
I am aware I haven't said much about this comic, but I'd like to say it now. God DANG, Rabbit Hole is gorgeous. We know just enough about the characters to understand who they are in the back of our minds, smaller details making us easily able to recognize them. The limited color palette really sets the scene of the darker theme of the comic (though even then, the moods by just the expressions and amounts of shadows are obvious)
The story is well-crafted and has a great, moderate pace. I can't wait to see where this comic goes in the future, I love it a lot and follow every update.
pepper,,, i love her
@Some Donkus: I mean, you're not wrong? Who'd be Peridot then?
@Pinkeevee222: Night the clone from the secrets comic, and Dusk is pansexual (or panromantic, whichever), right? I'm pretty sure you mentioned it in Disc once. Because yes, I lurk.
Is it weird that, after reading all of Neon's fics, I can't think of SSEC the same way anymore? *flashbacks to elimination*
@Milkbone the umbreon : It has been stated that Eevees and their evolutions are capable of manipulating their body temperature to any level they'd like it.