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Proudly Mexican.
I hate Arizona.
I hate Argentina.
Studying Industrial Design.
Loves to draw.
Loves to sprite.
Loves your sister >:3
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    Temps is da real name! >:l
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Well It's practically impossible, I quitted doing comics, it takes me hours to make the sprites just for the roster, I can't imagine making all the characters that aren't important and all the poses I need for fight scenes... also this is something I made by myself, with all due respect Mick has nothing to do.
Dunno what happened but I uploaded this 2 days ago but noone could see this...
Anyways Blade Trinity poster is up, as always compare and enjoy if possible :)
Thanks, I liked it too (y) :)
XD I'm following a chronological order, also remind me to fix the tittle to Spider-Hog 2 instead of SPider-Man :S
So Spider-Hog 2 poster is up, a nice Doc Ock sprite is here too, enjoy and compare as always, tell a friend ;)
The Punisher
I used to love this movie, a real while since I last watched it, but nice still. I like the Punisher sprite pose for the roster, hope you do too. Compare:
@godmoderncommander: I'm hoping you mean the version of the crappy Hulk movie, do you not like the poster?
Hulk Smash!
Yet another poster coming on! Gotta say I'm very very proud of how my Hulk sprite came up after several experiments. Enjoy and compare.
Cause I'm making a comic about Marvel Movies with mobians.
Comment please.
I know legs have problems, what else could you tell me?
X2 up!
So yeah, took me a while to make the roster sprites, but the poster is up. Compare
K Sorry, problem solved, I programmed this to upload at 2pm (My time) and it uploaded it twice, what's the prob between you anyways?
They keep coming and coming, it's gonna take a while to make the next poster, but I hope you're enjoying these :D Greetz! Compare:
Lol actually you couldn't see, but there's his foot behind his right arm.
And another one! :) this one was "easy"
So, 2002's Men in Black II poster is out, compare to the original: Compare, by the way.
Next is up! God Bless PhotoShop and it's unlimited options! Hope ya like.
Original Poster here, compare
Well guess who's back! For a bit!
I'm on a school break and decided I'd spent a couple (several) hours spriting for a new poster. Poster took me... 20 mins tops, making the sprites... like 3 or 4 hours XD. GreetingsFellas!