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Doki is adorable
I wish she was my pokemon!!!
@Guest: that makes sense
The slyveon is Miku right?
Your shading in this comic is soooooo good!
@EeveeEmyyy: no
That was just his character style back then
@DiamondEevee: I will join
@thatguy: dude plz dont swear
Some people reading this could be young and innocent still
@Sylveeon: ur welcome
I use those programs too!
I luv ur comics they r so cute and shiny
How do you do the give away thing
It confuses me
Which model of Wacom is that
@Sylveeon: u can use paint tool sai
Or clip studio paint then u just draw
This is so cute and we'll illustrated
Yeah, what is Shaun reading
@Sapphire the Vaporeon: What????
Also I love your comics pinkeevee222
Dusk got so serious!!