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Swedish Comic Artist and Illustrator.
@IronDog: That's great to hear! I've been loving reading your comments and seeing what you've figured out and the thoughts you've had as well<3
@IronDog: Thanks!
You should see the printed books, it's
well intended!
(they're in Swedish tho, which is why I
don't have them for sale)

They look pretty rad with the trees like
@IronDog: Ahh<3<3 Thank you for your kind words!!<3<3
@IronDog: Yeah, living far away is really tough. D:
@IronDog: Thank you! I tried my best to give them different features but also some that looks the same xD
@IronDog Yeah. Me too, but I'd probably go cry in a corner somewhere D:
Always bring fruit! You'll never know when it's in need! :D
@IronDog: It's her pet rein deer, Claire :D
@IronDog: They're more like scraping the left overs off from the plates, and then putting them on a rack so that it's easier for the personnel to just stick it into the dishwasher. :D
@IronDog: Are you telling me that they AREN'T made of fur?????

I thought that's why they were called PETticoats D:
(Yes, sorry, not sorry for that awful pun xD)
@IronDog: She's one of my favourite characters <3
@IronDog: hahaa, thank you! :D I hope you'll enjoy the rest of it<3
@IronDog: That's a good first impression! :D
January 5th, 2018
@eishiya: Who knows who they could be? :D
December 31st, 2017
@IronDog: It's a bit unclear, but he's actually holding his glasses. I guess... One can't have them on when they brush their teeth?
(Or I just simply forgot them and added those later on instead of him holding the toothpaste 8D)
December 31st, 2017
@IronDog: That's me EVERY morning 8D
(... Well, almost. Not on the weekends xD)
@IronDog: Maybe that's for a future chapter?
I just name those as I go xD
December 21st, 2017
@eishiya: Me too! But... I don't think he'll take it seriously tho xD
@HumalaDuck: Hahha, it *could* work if she'd enjoy walking weirdly xD
That's ok!
Take the time you need, making comics is hard work.

I'd love to see more from you, but not on the expense of your health!
Why not go on a hiatus, work up a nice big buffer and then start posting again?

Just a suggestion, I know everyone works differently!

Hope you'll get the job, I'll be rooting for you! :D