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it's almost scary how chill they are with it ;)

(I didn't even notice it until I posted it xD)
@Triforce Fandom: oh? I haven't seen it yet xD
@Triforce Fandom: Wouldn't be surprised if he only brought like 2 pairs of jeans xD
@triforce fandom: Timothy's not the one with the healing magic ;D
@LunaCrystal: Yeah, I don't want to introduce them too early either or at the same time. It'll get a bit too cluttered and people might not remember them if there's like 6-7 new characters introduced at the same time (or at least I won't xD).

@triforce fandom: Something like that? ;) It's pretty close to it!
@LunaCrystal: Glad to hear that! She's actually really important for the story, I wish I was able to introduce her much more sooner, but it wouldn't have fit xD
@LunaCrystal: You have no idea ;)
@LunaCrystal: Ah, but that's a great reason to wear it!
Watching you?
Well, that sure doesn't seem creepy AT ALL.
@LunaCrystal: Me and my brother are the only ones in our family of both sides that doesn't have it xDD So yeah, we are xD
@LunaCrystal: That must be quite an annoyance xD Never had glasses but I can imagine xD
@LunaCrystal: omg, wHat no D:
I literally can't unsee this now xDD

Isn't his nose lovely? One could THINK he'd be able to keep his glasses on because of that, but nah, he drops them whenever xD
@Ragnes: Ahhhhh, thank you! I had really fun making this one :D

@LunaCrystal: haha, maybe acrylics would to the trick? I've never tried painting on glass I don't know xD

@LunaCrystal: I was on a bike and it was a crossroad, the driver had the sun in his eyes and we both thought the other stopped and both drove xD
So it wasn't a hard crash, but it was one non the less! The bike was rendered useless xD
April 30th, 2017
@LunaCrystal: Ahh, I re-read a lot too, mainly because I enjoy doing that xD
And they DO look a bit different here from the prologue so it's no wonder you didn't recognize them xD

(That'd be a cool touch xD)
@LunaCrystal: Me too! I'm also the only one in my family to never have broken a bone and I've been run over by a car, a bus crash and probably more I've forgotten xDD
@LunaCrystal: Tim can be a bit of a jerk so I think he kind of (???????) deserve it 8D

Ouch, what an accident D:
I'm not surprised tho, glad to hear it wasn't worse!
April 27th, 2017
@LunaCrystal: The extra is not actually extra! They've already been introduced, but haven't made much of an appearance! D:
(It's Sam, they look a bit different from black and white to colour xD)

Tim's glasses are fantastic xD