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Swedish Comic Artist and Illustrator.
January 10th, 2019
@eishiya: AH, cool, thanks! We never really got to learn how apostrophes worked in school which is why I feel a little bit uncertain at times.

You're absolutely right! I'll try to change it before the weekend (but I'll probably forget it. It's an easy fix none the less!!)
January 4th, 2019
ok, grammar time!!
She's referring to her two daughters, and their friends.

Was it a correct sentence or do it need to be changed?
Aaand we're back!
So, I'm truly sorry about the absence, it's been waaay to
much for me to handle at moment.
I got into a burnout and then I've
had school plus working overtime,
salary has not been correct and uh yeah.
It's just been too much for me to
handle and I've needed to
go afk for a while D:
December 16th, 2018
Love this page 8D
December 13th, 2018
Ah, yes. It's Sam.
I mean... Who would talk like that if they WERE a human being? Not humans, that's for sure.

You remember that last chapter, the end? Where they said they could put makeup on Sam, so... yeah. That happened here ;D
November 1st, 2018
Tim's talking about Anton, if it wasn't clear! (sorry 'bout that)

No update next week due to birthday celebrations and con preparations!
@Secret_Makara: OH YES. OH OH YES
@Notbt5: There's no reason to lie, especially not when one got caught red handed ;D
Vera, why are you so cute?? But also: That must be so frustrating to not be able to understand the question behind the words D:

She must've endured quite a lot in her young life
Annika is too pure<3
@HumalaDuck: Oh no! It's supposed to say: "Nobody's forcing you"
@IronDog: THank you! I wanted to show more of their home but also not use too many details, glad to hear you enjoy it! :D
@IronDog: ... Beaverstashe is my new favourite word<3
I'm so gonna use that in the future :D
@IronDog: That'll depend on the situation, they know eachother from before, but they're not quite acquainted :D
@eishiya: oh. OH. That's not supposed to be there at all! Thank you for notifying me on that :D

Thank you<3
I LOVED drawing that panel xD
@Guest: Yeah, I know, but... he's keeping a secret!!! AND A BIG ONE TOO. That's ominous to the max, but like, I can't trust him anymore, even tho I want to, because... Yeah, he's hobo! The good supporting pal but... AHHHHH *having all the feels*
Oh. OH.
@eishiya: OH! Thank you! I didn't know about that!
I'll change it immediately :D

I mean, Ok, I did not expect... THAT.
I SHOULD PROBABLY SINCE THAT'S KINDA WHAT YOU DO (make us believe something ominous is coming at us and then just... It's just something hilarious and I'm loosing it by laughing).
I just... LOVE THIS. <3<3<3
@eishiya: He has indeed! No one will be able to recognize him with that! :D