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November 24th, 2010
ok, looks i haven't forgotten about this comic. i'm REALLY, REALLY sorry for not updating in like forever, and i am trying to update it, but life is getting the way. so even thought i haven't touch this, i will not abandon it
February 21st, 2010
i know i'm sorry *bows in mercy*
February 19th, 2010
soooooo sorry
yeah, i know i'm late again. to all the readers of Megaman Pikachu, i am very sorry for making everyone wait for the new pages to be posted. i never knew so many people actually like this comic. i guess one thing that main me not continue was that some people started to think that will turn into another Sonichu fail, and that's the last thing i want it to happen. so again, i've very sorry and please enjoy the comic
Don't give up on me yet folks, it'll show soon
It's who he is. He's stubburn and hotheaded. He'll act before he thinks but he does care for his teammates
i don't think so ^^
who missed me? xD WOW how many months has it been since I've upload another page? for those who were wondering is the story dead, lets just say it almost did, but it turned out i had fans on would really wanted me to continue the comic. no it won't die but the page uploading rate will be really irregular because alot has changed and i have to edit some stuff on the story. it might be rare but there will be more ^^
No the comic is not dead. Just give us time to work on it
Pretty much
no it's not dead xP
WWOOOOWWW, how long have i kelpt you guys waiting for a new update? since i started college, i've haven't had time to upload pics. but fear people, this comic isn't dead. enjoy ^^
just to let you guys know, my grammer isn't so great(but i'm pretty sure you've noticed)i would like to thank "Haro" for pointing it out. this comic is being done 2 artists, one with a learning disablility and another with ADD! xD
relax people, this comic won't die yet. the thing is that we have other stuff to deal with (like college) so don't worry, there will still be updates
lol, anyway, time to talk, as you can tell the coloring style is COMPLETELY different. this was my work, because i wanted to try something new, and that Rekona-chan's computer is died for the moment. when i sent her the page, all i got was an "LOL" (because i told her i was using her style, but i "tweaked" it) after that little "talk", she left the IM, so i never got a response, the "OK" to use this coloring style. well with all this said and done, ENJOY THE PAGE!!!
you and me both brother xD
yeah, i'm guessing people like this better, but i didn't. >< it was.....ick.. plus i wanted him to look alittle, or alot, like Zero
the first
this was the first ever design i've ever made for Megaman Pikachu
well, the comic is a cross over of that and pokemon :D
And Lo, the Hero Appears. the one and only, MEGAMAN PIKACHU!