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I just watched peanut butter commercial
@Gigi19972010: I cannot get past the first level of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Oh, wait wrong game
Noooooo! Kirby does not slaughter innocent waddle dees to train. That is abuse!
Waaaaait, where are the clones?
So Kirby, that wasn’t hard?
Is that a bunch of gold, or cutter blades?
Shadow Kirby, King Golem, Moley, Kracko, Mega Titan, Gobbler, Wiz, Dark Meta Knight, and Master Hand + Crazy Hand. My favorite is Wiz!
Or something like that...
Wow. I definitely would NOT watch a video that says THESE ARE THE STEPS TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM A NUCLEAR MISSLE
Pokémon Go is one of my biggest fears... other than bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and I have an endless list of all my fears
@Sudux: ok, I admit it, I like KRtD
@Sudux: Kirby Star Allies is still better
@KirbyStar7: it’s also weird. I do not like the Robobot Armor
@Guest: ... show off
@Sudux: Kirby Return to dreamland sucks so badly. It has terrible controls. And who could beat the artist ability. THE ARTIST, SPIDER, STAFF, AND THE MOST POWERFUL, ALMIGHTY FESTIVAL ABILITY!!!!!!!!.. there, an argument