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Busy. It sucks XD
I'll be posting more at some point. Busy in my real life
Thank you so so much
Thank you so much
I had been busy with work without a day off. I get one tomorrow so i plan on posting
Curse causes the victim to lose 1/4 of their HP. You want to roleplay???
This page took me longer than most because of its length. I'm excited to show you guys more to the story. However we are only in the prologue still
You'll just have to wait and see
This is soooo good. Please make more pages soon
@NorppaComic: I can't help but agree. They are adorable together
@ChaosSeer: Thank you so so soooo much!
Sorry for the late update. Been busy with work.
Thank you so much that. I needed to hear that
*Is shipping them so hard*