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Canadian horror fiction writer, pumpkin head, and sock puppet connoisseur.

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Good point.
I guess Death just wants to go back to sleep.
Crownado part 1
Feathers swirling, beaks spinning, eyes rolling. Take cover, the Crownado is coming.
I mean, look. The guy's dead, amirite? The bling is up for grabs.
Day 2 of a special 7-days-of-uploads!

Poor Gale is lookin' a LITTLE upset with Poe.
Special cawnnouncement!
Howdy birdies,

We've got a special announcement for y'all! Beginning today until next Thursday (July 5th), we're uploading one new page a day to celebrate the summer and totally not to secretly gain valuable analytics data, NOPE, this is totally just fun and to celebrate the summer! ;)
Chapter 2 begins. The real update is coming tomorrow :)
Launching with style, yo.
Poe you little suck-up.
That awkward moment when your loyal envoy starts backtalkin' ya.
Gale's starting to lose his patience.
Hey guys, with this bonus strip, chapter 1 is concluded.

We kind of realized we forgot to actually name the character's names out loud, so here's our cawdorable way of fixing that little snafu.

See you next Friday for the beginning of Chapter 2!
I'm with Death on this one. Work needs to get done!
Just two crows hanging out in a giant murder of crows, wondering what to do with themselves. Been there.
Must be a bit hard to calm down when you're pulled into the realm between life and death via a swirling crownado, just sayin'.
End of chapter 1
So ends Chapter 1 of Caw & Order, with beautiful bloodsplatters and judgement.

You may notice that it's Monday today and we usually update on Fridays. We were eager to get Chapter 1 wrapped up so suuuurpriiiise.

We'll have an adorkable special bonus strip this Friday (June 22nd 2018), Chapter 2's title page Thursday of next week (June 28th 2018) which is really just a title page and nothing to get excited about, and then we resume the regular upload schedule on that Friday (June 29th 2018) with the first page of Chapter 2.
We finally get to see the stars of the comic, Poe (the green one) and Gale (the brown one). Yum yum yum. Feastin' on some deliiiiish snacks, yo.
@PapaFargo: I was pretty proud of myself for that one. :D Glad someone noticed it!
Update schedule
We're officially settled on an update schedule of every Friday around 8:00 am.

Also, meet life and death, whose faces are inspired by The NoSleep Podcast's own wonderful narrator (with her permission) Erin B. Lillis ( Thank you for lending us your likeness, Erin! :D
@PapaFargo: The last thing I want is to feel down to the wire EVERY week! In fact, this weekend alone I've drawn two and a half pages. If my hand can HANDle it, I'm about to finish the last half and make that three pages! ^_^ MORE PADDING MORE PADDINGGGGG.
@PapaFargo: Thank you Papa Fargo! :D We'll probably try to 'get it out there' more when there's more content as well.

S.H. Cooper and I keep going back and forth about whether or not we should just dump the first chapter all at once because we're so excited to see it up...but uhhh, it was drawn ahead of time to give us some padding if we're ever busy, sooooo probably shouldn't do that. xD