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DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN Read chapters ahead for free in tapas and wentoons ! Become my Patreon to read chapters unpublished ahead!
@BunnyMar: you will discover that in the next update! (or you can go to tapas and read chapters ahead ;) )
Protect the puppy!! D:
Hey there!, remember that you can read chapters ahead for free in Tapas and LineWebtoons! Thanks for reading!
You can read the next chapters in Tapastic !!
@CorneliusAngelboi: This comic is an OMEGAVERSE,guys can get pregnant
@t0xic.lizzi: Thank you! If you wish, you can read the next chapters published in tapastic or Webtoons!
nobody likes her xd
@All Hail The Yaoi Gods: Thank you very much for your comment! I really appreciate it! It makes me happy to know that there are people who know how to appreciate the depth of the plot and that despite the sad and dramatic moments, they keep reading my comic. I always say that my goal is to tell a story as realistic as possible and that the audience feels identified with the characters. So thank you very much again! ♡
@RukaKNight: You can read the next chapters in Tapastic (censored)
@inubasket: Oh thank you very much! It makes me very happy that you think that !, I try my best to make my characters as real as possible, if you like you can read the advanced chapters in webtoons or Tapastic, so you don't have to wait for them to upload here, thank you very much for your commentary!
@Guest: What kind of warning would you recommend? The truth is that both in tapastic and webtoons anyone never asked for something like this
@Eva chan: If your baby has an oedipal complex, maybe (? Hahaha
@Crazy_cartoons: I'm sorry, I was wrong, I'll re-raise it right away!
@MynameisKo: Hi! If you can't wait to see what happens, you can read the following chapters in Webtoons