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I'm just your average sort of guy that loves saving animals, the science behind outer space, and how the mind works.

I've written my fair share of stories over the years, and have successfully turned two of them into actual fully colored comics, though one is only halfway complete.

Currently, I'm working on three projects, while somehow managing a full time job over at the local animal hospital. I might take on a fourth project soon, though I'm not entirely sure at the moment if I could handle another, with all the additional stress I've been dealing with lately.
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June 15th, 2018
@Annjo-Wolfe: Could you imagine if Lonan started to heavily believe that Lucas was going to take Alban away from him forever, what that would do to his broken state of mind? He'd probably grab the nearest gun and blow Lucas' brains out with it while he'd be in the middle of sleeping, and then to add more salt he'd pull out a switch blade and slice the guys neck open, just to make absolute sure Lucas wouldn't survive.
@Damatris: Honestly, I think you did just fine concerning the whole duty bound situation. It's just that there's a fine line between being considered a slave and becoming what I'd like to call a labor worker per say, who isn't bound by servitude back in those days. I really do wish all the best for you though, and that Nidi doesn't get hurt too much mentally along the way as the story progresses.
@chamastories: If in some alternate universe if there existed a Japanese version Thomas, that would be my younger brother Tojiro for sure. What's hilarious though, is that he completely 100% agreed with me on saying that. Oh! and he too is now a loyal fan of yours. Face times me over the phone quite often talking about how much he loves The Sun Prince, the Saint and the Changeling.

No worries though about the delayed reply. I can understand completely why it would take a comic creator a while to message back, as I too am one myself.
June 14th, 2018
Mel is special though, he is official cinnamon roll status. A cinnamon roll with angel wings and what should be a starbucks cup of coffee tattooed somewhere on his body, because he loves the stuff as much as he loves Grey.
@StanleyComics: Well rest assured that both he and I loved it, and will continue to love your comic for a long time.
@StanleyComics: Ahaha nice, and glad to see you're still alive and breathing yourself and all. Greece can be quite the dangerous place if you don't pay close enough attention to where you're stepping. Oh, and Tojiro screen timed me yesterday and man screamed the moment he noticed that you had the time to update Superhuman.
Oh the joys of having high metabolism. You can eat all you want, whenever you want, and never gain a single pound from doing it. Well, unless you have a food allergy like I do. I can't eat certain things with dairy in them without getting very sick in the process. Oh woe is me.
I can see myself in the second to last panel on this page, firmly wrapping my legs around his neck, proceeding to suffocate him so Buck could get away unscathed. I'd probably be a lemur since I've been told by spiritualists time and time again that the lemur is my spirit animal. Also, I'm known for being agile and flexible to the extent of where I could've become a contortionist, while having a third degree black belt in karate. So these felines wouldn't stand a chance, that's for sure.
@Alamino: For a year in a half, on the first of every month, I'd get absolutely trashed beyond human comprehension on guinness. Granted that wouldn't of made me fall into the category of being a full blown alcoholic, but I'd make sure to drink to the point of where I'd hit the threshold of blacking out, which would sometimes lead to me waking up in some rather strange places. Hell, I've even woken up in entirely different countries before. Would call those times my 'drunken escapades adventures', because I could never remember, even in the slightest, of how I got there in the first place.
Not everyone wants to play the hero and save one or both of their parents, when those said parents were nothing short of awful toward them. I sure as hell know that if my father were still alive and I had come across him in a situation like that, I'd simply leave him be, and let karma do his bidding for him. Like they say, fate is a cruel mistress, and certainly does not like to be altered in any shape or form, just like mother nature.
Yesssss!!! The kiss has been confirmed and fully established. Sulvain did not push away and instead embraced it, even with being as quick as it was. And in the final panel of the next page there's a lingering flushed tone to his cheeks, which I can only assume meant that he enjoyed it as much as Raz had. Ahhhh this makes me so very happy, and I was having such a crappy day too before coming across your most recent update. Thank you for making my crappy day a lot less crappy!
Hope Greece has been treating ya well. Last time I visited the country late last year I almost fell to my death from a small street that led to nothing but a 100ft drop into a bunch of large rocks and the ocean.
Derek came to Jake's rescue, that was so very sweet of him. Should've earned the guy some brownie points, and the chance to perhaps go on a date together somewhere.
@secant1: I actually really like how you portray Mika in this, and I say that because I almost got sort of an E.T vibe from him. Plus you can't really help but love his character from the get-go anyway, that's just inevitable. I can see how feeling overwhelmed and hungry at the same time could make your body collapse like that though.
@SoulRaider116: *pat* Sorry I made you cry. D:
June 10th, 2018
Kleio's facial expression, the moment his stomach began to grumble loudly, was bloody fuckin priceless. That's certainly one way to break the ice, when a kiss is about to happen, by having your hungry stomach do the talking for you.
@CrowWingedAngel: I have a story that I wrote years ago that's sitting away on my desktop computers hardrive called 'Cracked Glass Wings' that I had been wanting to turn into a comic for a while now. Your kindness I think was enough to give me that final push to begin working on it actually. That'll bring me up to four projects total, but I should be able to handle it. Being a full on insomniac has its perks in that regard. haha
I don't find this type of a situation weird or strange at all actually. It's all about having patience, and allowing for the bond to be birthed and slowly flourish, like a seedling that sprouted in the ground, and is now spreading its roots so it can grow into something beautiful. Not to sound cheesy or anything, but yeah, I'm glad to see that Howie finally came around.
@CrowWingedAngel: I genuinely appreciate the fact that you took the time out of your own day/schedule to reply back. My day had actually been going quite badly, and kept on going downhill, until I had realized that you said something so meaningful in response to my rather lengthy comment. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my ever so shitty day a slightly less shitty one, as I mean that as a good thing, rather then a bad thing of course.

Oh, and I forgot to mention previously of how much I adore pretty much every character of yours that're within this story. I have nothing but respect for you as an artist, as I too am also a comic artist by trade.
For the longest time I owned a family photo that looked strikingly similar to Travis's. Granted my three brothers were in the photograph as well, but our parents faces were scratched out by the use of an exacto knife. The four of us wore suits, regardless of how young we all were at the time. Our mother wore diamond studded jewelry and a very expensive dress, whereas our father wore a navy blue and white suit, with a black colored tie.

I feel as if I can relate to Travis on such a personal level, in terms of the numerous amount of issues concerning his parents, and how he deals with them(or more so doesn't). Even though both of my own parents have been dead now for 10+ years, there are still things I suffer through from time to time that I keep to myself that never ended up getting any resolution or closure from. Silently suffering internally only leads to emotions being lashed out over time that you have absolutely no control over. In doing so will only hurt those around you, because you made yourself turn into an actual ticking time bomb.

I really just wish I could step into this comic, if only for a brief moment, so that I could reassure Travis that it does get better, in due time. And then give him a nice, long, gentle hug as a bit of extra reassurance.