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I just realized that this is a flash back
I don't what's more funny that they both just got done talking with each other or that mew who can clearly talk to other Pokemon is saying mew
Hey the third to last panel where sun shine says "big brother burnt daddy for it once"
There's a extra word "one"
Just saying it so the creator see it
Will there be another q&a?
To old and new team what do you guys think about arcdia joining the team
@pkmnMasterWheeler: now I look back on this page I think I would imagine Luna being a business Pokemon
Oh shit he's got the badass glasses on
Dang it eve you had one job
@AssaultBird2454: I think bumblebee shipper would agree with that lol
Wow I never knew that there was a build a moon work shop
@EeveeTroiano: or was he
(Insert xfiles meme)
Seeing all the legendarys in one place is kind cool and awesome
Yeah this looks like a good start
I don't know why don't you tell us??
*He said in the court of Pokemon law*
Is that one of the new Pokemon
If they hurt Mewtwo Ill kill every one on This page and then myself