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Does anyone else think that Eevee's necklace is a Infiniti stone?
Hey I seen that Pokemon mystery dungeon reference
@Emc_502: oh me God! I knew this would happen
It's a good thing why I called my starter Eevee from let's go "God"
Also first again
(I know this doesn't matter but sense Im this my second time today being first to comment on a page why the hell not)
Oh that makes sense
Also first apparently
Not that it matters
And the gay reject exit stage right
anyone else thinking of a team four star reference
@Mopruk: to be honest I always thought eevee was a fox
Are you sure that's a Eevee it looks more like a fluffy scaredy cat to me 🙃🙃🙃🙃
Sorry not sorry
it the third best then I seen this week
10/9 or is it 9/10?
i don't know but you get the point
The first panel is like
"Then he knew he fuck up"
I guess you can say he was nOt Killed
To team did you guys ever watch any movies or anime if so what your guys favorite?
You can say that he got roasted
@Mopruk: I was wondering what type of Pokemon scenario is this one?
Is it pmd?
Or just regular Pokemon?
(Like the games or anime)
@cat mastermv: what if that series is is connected to this one?
That would be awesome
I bet this is why Mewtwo always flus where they need to go he doesn't work out enough