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Such a nice landscape! By the way did you come up with the footprint runes by yourself or are they from something else? And what drawing program do you use? :3
Dumb binch disease
Oof! I forgot to post this page here earlier this week!!!! Anyway I worked real hard on this and even tho I like my sketch more it's pretty good in my own opinion.
Practicing simple backgrounds
Do you like them? I personally like them.
I like this page
That's all. I hope you like it too.
I never delete
Just wanted to draw something based on funny conversation I had with a friend once and then I wanted to make it even cooler and try stuff with photoshop and now I have this as a result but nothing more so it seems super unfinished.
Idea was just to make Azir want to be a dad for Sivir, who doesn't enjoy it and just wants to go to McDongers or something.

I try to never delete my art no matter how unfinished it is because I enjoy seeing my progress through the years and how much I have got better(or worse at times). While people looking at this short comic and not getting it, it still brings me that joy + I still remember how much fun we had during that game with my friends. I rly cherish those memories.
I used to hate Vel'koz so much because I thought he was weak and useless champ but oh boy that one aram game changed it all. This smart lil voidling is one of my top champions now, and I think my win-rate with him is pretty high :D
After that, I've never underestimated any champion ever again.
I'm back AGAIN
School and other personal things kept me from continuing the comic but I won't abandon this small project of mine!!! These things just take some time... A bit more than I would like but that's life.
Featuring other characters
I want to thank my friend Vampuuri for doing collabs and other things with me in the group World-Keeps-Turning <3
Featuring their characters, Layla and Plague, in these latest pages, I hope she stays motivated and that more people find their art. Thank you so much for being so active with me in the group!

I'm always open for more ideas and characters! Right now at the time I'm writing this comment, I have at least 2 cameos in the queue, and I might do another group members too, but it doesn't mean I can't sprinkle some trainers and pokemon to the backgrounds time to time if people wish that.
Story time
So this one might need some explaining:

This is my reaction and a joke, so sis pls don't take this seriously at all!

I have a celiac disease which basically means that I get sick from eating gluten. This short moment here happened about 2-3 years ago, when I was studying with my sister(same year, same class, same everything), and I thought that school's cafeteria people knew about me and my needs of special food. For like one year I just guessed what I could eat and what not because I was too scared to ask.
Some days there would be food I would hate and didn't want to eat, so naturally I would just take some bread and water and starve till I get home. But there was never gluten-free bread. Never. This would make me angry. Gluten-free bread is dry and hard as stone but it's better than nothing, and all I get is nothing. And that is the time I need sympathy the most.
My sister, who I love dearly, had forgotten to pick a knife. She would lost her place in the queue if she went back to get it, so she was doomed to live a life without one. But! I was there, and I could eat nothing from this cafeteria, so she did what any desperate person without a knife would do - she stole my knife. No nice words, no ask for permission, just snatched it.
- "You don't need this anymore :)"
I got so angry! For a minute. Then I calmed down and laughed it off because it was funny with the timing and all BUT SERIOUSLY SIS?!!? How am I supposed to eat my non-existing food with just a fork? I'm not a barbaric brute!

I told the staff about my celiac disease during the next semester. They always had the bread but it was not public so each time I want it or gluten-free food at all, I need to yell and make them notice me first o_o I haven't starved in the school ever since.
I'm back from hiatus!
I spent July doing a lots of other things but now I'm going back to my schedule!

Oh yeah! Layla makes an appearance again, and this isn't the last time you're going to see her!
Ah, this page.
I actually made most of it last year. Not a big fan of this page :D
Sneaky sneaky
Steal some eggs, sounds simple right?
Cannot say no to those eyes.
I try to spice things up using different ones and sometimes they are not as good as I thought that they would be ^^' This page has a good example.
They can get to your nerves.
I love them, I want to draw them, but hardly ever finish them. I think the first picture is pretty good because I actually got it done with some little details :D
Not pocket sized but
I think people should be realizing by now what the "pocket ghost" in the title means :D
Naming the gengar was a bit difficult but Moonbeam is like a mix of beautiful moon and powerful beam so why not? BTW the blue cheese is like the best thing ever and I love it so much and I will eat it with anything except maybe ice cream but I must try first.
Gonna catch 'em all!
Elsi and Devi got the first new member for their team! I wonder what other pokemon they will encounter in the future.
Say I do
We are in hurry so get in to the ball already!!!