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yes, mysterious person drawing in the sand...
wonder if he/she is watching them?
this was what i wanted to submit instead of the previous page last time... but i couldn't find it so... here it is!!!
I'm so sorry...
I will submit the new pages about 2 and a half weeks later...

This is the crazy Rine Chevance. Her oddly different best friend will arrive in this coming chapter.
Their hairstyles are so awesome!
LOLLL he's so cute!

p.s. wanted to say congrats when i say home page of this comic about the launching day...but i failed to comment there, so, uh, congrats! +fav
:o! be careful, petunia!
Congrats on your new comic, nozmo! I have fallen in love with it already :D!
No more namelessness for the boy
More interesting characters in next chapter...
With names...
Uh, hopefully, people have not abandoned the lazy bum (me) yet.

This is the last page of a triple update so go back if you missed pgs 18+19 :)

Also.. I do NOT know how to make cool backgrounds so I'm sorry if this page's bkg is... uh... tablecloth-ish! =_="
Yay workmates!
Second last page to end of the chapter.. FINALLY.

First page of triple update.

CANDY = luv!
oh so niiiiiice~
Happy Halloween!
OMG you're story is so awesome
immediately +favvvvvv
What could they be?
Of course they are.
Yay! happy bday, dear baileyyyyyy
lol Van Aerdan is such an interesting weirdo <3
This is double update!!! if you didn't read the last page, GO BACK.

When nerdy boy snaps, he snaps like a rabid gorilla.

And he exaggerates... He didn't die..or even almost die!
He just got robbed, bullied, accused as an alien, abducted, and instantly K.O.ed from the impact of a small package thrown by an unseemingly muscular female arm.
This is a double update! :)
I think he looked a lot better before "death"
as in, for example, the first panel)...

I am SO tired.
oh how i love the last panel~
dramatic cringe!! XDDDDDDD
haha cute creepiness!