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I like FNAF, bendy, and i like ost video games. I play the violin and im not good at drawing. I think of myself of having a big imagination and daydream quite a bit.
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    Juan Jose
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Wowie. That’s just... wow
Couldn’t have done that presentation better myself
And I oop
Here doin what?
June 26th, 2019
@Hoagie: “may not”. Dude is going to kill him if he were to find out. Probably think it was some type of “cruel joke” on him
June 20th, 2019
I just started reading this and couldn’t stop, I love it so much. Wish I could support y’all on the patreon but I ain’t got money. But I love this comic so much.
I caught up on the comic Yay
Please just let us enjoy this sweet moment while it lasts.
On the cover of the comic it says “BL” which means Boy Love
What I feel like right now
The “tension” is high at the moment
This has all been gay so there is no way that he isn’t a little bit.
I was wondering why fight the wolves
@Songdog: thx
I just got back to reading this and wowie. This is a lot to take in
@Alysa: XD
@Alysa: oh
January 30th, 2019
@Guest 666: why hello there