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not gonna lie.

Geodude looks like half a toad
@AgentNein: ah thanks
@hade: i feel like i'm missing something here

how does this have anything to with "Sans" and are we talking about skele-bro or something else?
Milo, buddy. it ain't good to be running on adrenaline.

at some point it's gonna stop and you'll turn into jelly

kinda thinking a trevenant judging by what is most likely roots at the ground.

has the general shape too...
The age old question. are they capable of taking their underwear off or is it part of their anatomy...


or both..?
i'm pretty sure it's cannon in the games that pokemon use a written language. as far as i've observed anyway
Betcha that's the Alakazam from team A.C.T.
i am loving the facial expressions in this page!

i would prolly never have thought about giving Milo's mouth those sorts of shapes
aww that's adorable!
I'm glad that you've gone down in the art quality.

I think that if you kept up with the same amount of quality you did in some of your earlier pages, you wouldn't ever get to finish this comic properly.

Personally, i came here for a good story. Not to look at pretty pictures. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the page!
Love that sassy looking Raichu.

also did you mean for Milo to say "Diggit" instead of "Diglett"?
this deserves an anime adaptation
back in business
Dargh! I love this comic! I'm glad you're back among the living, buddy!

(Edit) I feel like the kitten there is gonna snatch up Milos coin, or he's gonna get into an argument with Mr. Merchant, there

(Second edit) Woah! i swear i posted this at the last page wtf?
i'm glad this comic is up and running again, it's definitely one of my favorites if not my favorite
i feel like everywhere this guy walks there would be explosions and heavy metal music in the back ground

and he would not look at the explosions
getting hunger games flashbacks here
Aww! MewTwo therapy!
holy shit she's sassy! i love that!