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Hello~! I'm Adele, I live in ontario Canada, am 15, and I'm female. I'm currently a tenth grade highschool student. Ah... On a side note, I go to a french school and English is my seccond language. [So sorry if I make a few spelling mistakes along the way. c;]

I'm 5f. 10inc., have blonde hair that reaches past my shoulders [used to be 14 inches longer, but I cut it and donated it. c:], I wear glasses, uhh... uhh... > -<;; Yeah... *runs away*

I love to draw and play the flute, I'm part of the decorating commitee and the school orchestra type thing. Uhh... Yeah. I might add more later on. X'D
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    Adele Grenier
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right away, while reading the Do's... I had a feeling it was tetris.
*sang along*
Earl grey is my favorite kind of tea~!
So yummy and makes me think of stark trek, even though i didn't watch it much~
Red, he's absolutley hawt~! <3
Daaang... This is wonderfull so far. Verry profesional.

I agree with everyone else, I would love to buy this if you printed out copies. c:
X'DDD He must feel realy awkward.

Lovely page~! <33
X'D Nice explination. rofl

The toning on the last panel is nice. c:
I'd think the same thing if I were in this situation.

Swweet ass loincloth~! <33 rofl
X'D Love all of this so far.
Mo gosh~! Your art it a total win~!

I'd totaly buy this!! *envy envy*

Love the story so far, can't wait till the next update~! <33