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i like kirby, my hobbies are eating sleeping and making comics
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i have to agree with every one that the update was awesome! void lives! >:)
this is the link to the video about it was released by nintendo
I don't see why they wouldn't be allowed
this is just a simple edit to make his mouth open more but it might be helpful to some people
i changed your perms so you can post now
i've never had a co author that actually wanted to post something before so no but i thing i figured it out
i don't know why you can't post but ill try to mess around with the settings to see if that works
maybe he would get hypernova ability if he swallow all of those?
again this isn't mine this is lenoxmst
my first custom ability
i hope you like it
this isn;t mine it was made by lenoxmst on deviant art the link to the original is here
can i use the switch sprite in my comic plz
i know i'm not the best at spriting but ill try to change the wings to be different
doesn't kirby realize that he could just poke kleeby?
you name attacks to make them more awesome
r.i.p galacta knight
created comic 551
died comic 559
let galacta knight come to the party!!!!