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You've got an amazing comic here! This is actually my favorite comic. Hope to hear from you soon!

Also, I ship Bokyurah X Iten :3
If you had to evolve, what would you prefer to evolve into? How would you feel if you accidentally evolved into something that you didn't want to become? I can see you reluctantly getting cuddled too much and going sylveon; maybe you'd want that though...

Is getting punched really the only way to use those seeds? I know you don't have arms but...

Kalvin just told you that he loves you. How do you react and what do you do?

Same as above :)
Kalvin X Rune!

Would be so cute =3

She could treat him like a pup and protect him and carry him around XD.
Of course he might not like the carrying part, but he could feel safe. :) I want to see a more detailed version of that scene from Ch3 page 8.
Also, it's likely their pups would be bigger than Kalvin is XD.
Hope to see the growlithes again.