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One door opens...
As if we needed more proof that Hex suffers from tunnel vision here...

Though this is indeed a rather extreme case of that. Try explaining away a Veil Breach caused by rolling a nat 1 on perception!
Enter the Witch
It's not often that Shade gets one over on Hex, so let him have this moment.

Plus, we get to continue making Grey miserable, which is always a plus!
@Merrsharr: Well, if they did normal science, everyone would be able to use it! And, thankfully, we don't have folks running around with death rays and jet packs and robot minions.

Okay, in the world of Horror Shop they do, but that stuff gets covered up like post-haste.
Blinded me with SCIENCE!
This is a page I've been excited for ever since I dreamt it up! A big ol' exposition dump about mad scientists in the world of Horror Shop! Not a full encyclopedia article, mind you, but it should provide a bit of history and insight into this group of oft-misunderstood people--even if that insight is from the very biased mouth of Grey.

And yes, his does indeed mean that in the world of Horror Shop, both Dr. Frankenstein and Captain Nemo were real. As are several other literary characters... but we'll get to them eventually, just you wait and see!
Questions and Answers
Being in over your head is never fun. But at least Shade is handling this as well as could be expected: focusing on the immediate problem, and worrying about the rest when he's got time to think. And when he doesn't have a child with a potential death ray in the next room...
Collateral Damage
Oh, Grey, what have you unleashed upon the world. Or at least upon the Horror Shop...

I believe Gloom is classified as a weapon of mass destruction in at least three states.
From bad to worse...
Mad scientists, gates to other planes, exploding warehouses, stolen blood, and now something back at the shop. The problems here just seem to keep on piling up, don't they?
Don't Panic
Yeah, that's about the last thing you want to hear in a world with magic: a mad scientist has got your blood. Grey's handling it pretty well, all things considered. I mean, it's not his blood that's been taken, but he's also a bit of a spaz, so it balances out.
Pointed Warnings
That might be rude, but when have you ever known a 10-year-old or a mad scientist to ever show propper manners.

Poor Grey, alone with a kid he's not allowed to scare, but who can apparently conduct experiments on him. I'd say it'd drive him batty, but, well...
That Moment When...
Yeah, Grey might not know a lot about magic, but he knows an occult ritual when he sees one. Somebody's working with some weirdness they really shouldn't be...
That rising sense of dread
I mean, sure the mansion looks haunted...

And sure, the living room has brains and eyeballs floating in preservatives on the shelves...

But that doesn't mean "mad scientist," right?
And I Would Drive 1,000 Miles
Poor Grey, stuck in a car with a bunch of Canadians who think that a 30-minute trek out into the hinterlands qualifies as a "short drive."

Just wait until it dawns on him that he has to do the same thing again to get back to the Shop...
Grey might be one of the most grating wingmen in existence, but you can't argue with results like this now, can you?

Unfortunately for him, looks like it worked too well. Well, I hope somebody isn't afraid of travelling in cars...

Oh, wait.
Out of the loop!
Yay, Mel's back!

And it looks like she wasn't the only person to miss something that was right under their nose. Poor Shade, guy just can't catch a break here, can he?

Spoilers: he can't.
Go, Speed Racer
All things considered, it's probably not all that far from the quay to Quayside Street. That, plus the giant flaming wreck of a warehouse like a block away made them really easy to locate. I'm not saying Shade should've seen it coming, but... he should've seen it coming.
One Foot Crunch
I mean, it's not like Grey hasn't been asking for it for a while now, but that's not even in the top 10 most insulting thing he's said recently!

Also, really enjoyed trying some things different with the text here--especially the shout bubble and Grey's pained reactions afterwards. Usually, I don't get too crazy with the lettering, because readability is more important than artistry here, but sometimes the panels present you with the ability to have a little fun.
Your approval fills me with shame
Grey's the master of getting stuff done off screen so the plot can progress. And he knows that too--why do you think he's such a smart ass when on panel? He's just waiting for y'all to thank him for his foresight and genius.

I mean, where do you think Isaac got that juice box from? Grey might hate kids, but he also knows how to keep 'em quiet.
@Merrsharr: I can 100% assure you she's not a closet monster or another type of horror!

And besides, why would a monster try to be mayor of a small city on the edge of British Columbia. Nah, that's just conspiracy talk!
Deja Vu?
Yeah, Shade, making another agreement with a powerful individual isn't going to bite you in the tail at all...

But hey, it's just the mayor of a small Canadian town, right? It's not like this could go wrong at all!
Shaking babies, kissing hands
I know some of you are thinking "what kind of mayor would ever jump in front of a recently exploded warehouse?"

A mayor in a tight race, who won her last election by a few percentage points, noticing a bunch of cameras and smartphones in one place, that's what kind of mayor. It's called "exposure" and "free media," folks, look it up!