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Grey might be one of the most grating wingmen in existence, but you can't argue with results like this now, can you?

Unfortunately for him, looks like it worked too well. Well, I hope somebody isn't afraid of travelling in cars...

Oh, wait.
Out of the loop!
Yay, Mel's back!

And it looks like she wasn't the only person to miss something that was right under their nose. Poor Shade, guy just can't catch a break here, can he?

Spoilers: he can't.
Go, Speed Racer
All things considered, it's probably not all that far from the quay to Quayside Street. That, plus the giant flaming wreck of a warehouse like a block away made them really easy to locate. I'm not saying Shade should've seen it coming, but... he should've seen it coming.
One Foot Crunch
I mean, it's not like Grey hasn't been asking for it for a while now, but that's not even in the top 10 most insulting thing he's said recently!

Also, really enjoyed trying some things different with the text here--especially the shout bubble and Grey's pained reactions afterwards. Usually, I don't get too crazy with the lettering, because readability is more important than artistry here, but sometimes the panels present you with the ability to have a little fun.
Your approval fills me with shame
Grey's the master of getting stuff done off screen so the plot can progress. And he knows that too--why do you think he's such a smart ass when on panel? He's just waiting for y'all to thank him for his foresight and genius.

I mean, where do you think Isaac got that juice box from? Grey might hate kids, but he also knows how to keep 'em quiet.
@Merrsharr: I can 100% assure you she's not a closet monster or another type of horror!

And besides, why would a monster try to be mayor of a small city on the edge of British Columbia. Nah, that's just conspiracy talk!
Deja Vu?
Yeah, Shade, making another agreement with a powerful individual isn't going to bite you in the tail at all...

But hey, it's just the mayor of a small Canadian town, right? It's not like this could go wrong at all!
Shaking babies, kissing hands
I know some of you are thinking "what kind of mayor would ever jump in front of a recently exploded warehouse?"

A mayor in a tight race, who won her last election by a few percentage points, noticing a bunch of cameras and smartphones in one place, that's what kind of mayor. It's called "exposure" and "free media," folks, look it up!
Crowding In
Mayor Friday's been on our list of side characters for over a year now, so in case y'all were wondering who she is, well, you're about to find out!

Friday's been a big player since the early days of the comic since we knew we wanted authority figures in both the mundane and supernatural worlds crowding in on Shade. We've gone through several iterations of her design, and I'm really proud of what Marie pulled off here.

Let the politicking begin!
Cynic is a bit mild...
Grey's never one to miss out on snark.

Even when said snark is incredibly poorly timed, and is only going to make others even more pissed off at him.

For a coward, he sure does enjoy living dangerously.
Walk and Talk
There's a lot going on here... and I love how Marie was able to capture the emotions so effectively in this back-and-forth. And it conveys their personalities so well!

I don't want to say much more on that right now, but suffice to say, there's more going on here than we're willing to talk about. And I'm not just talking about revealing a bit more of Grey and Gloom's past here--though that is part of it!

But I will tip my hand on one thing: the reborn Grey mentions in his rant. The reborn are humans who (almost) die, and instead of passing on, they end up being consumed by their fear and are ultimately reborn as a horror. That'll be explained later-on in-comic, but it's not a spoiler at all, so I don't mind explaining that reference there.
Into the Darkness We Go
Thankfully, for once Grey's smug sense of superiority isn't misplaced.

Well, thankfully for Shade's current quest. The ramifications of having to ask Grey for help will probably come back to bite him in the tail.
One door closes...
And another one creaks open unto the world of nightmares.
See, this is the problem when you have an argument where both sides have completely different goals. You might think you're winning, but the other side actually couldn't care less about what you're saying.

And Grey's just now realizing Shade was arguing on a completely different level than Grey thought he was. He'll be kicking himself for that later...

Boom Goes the Dynamite
"What could go wrong" indeed.

Bet Shade is regretting those words right now.

Of course, if Grey keeps this up, he'll probably also have things to regret.
Ramble on...
Sometimes when you get into a good, solid rant it can be hard to stop.

Even if your audience has completely zoned out and has taken to staring at the closest screen. You just don't want to lose that momentum!
We now return to our regularly scheduled programming
Summer vacation's over, and now it's back to our weekly posting schedule!

And while we're breaking temperature records up here on the Canadian Prairies, it looks like things are also heating up in Port Salem--and not in a good way!
If you keep tempting fate...
... eventually explosions will happen.

I mean, as if Shade saying "what could go wrong?" wasn't bad enough, Spike and Grey had to get on board.

And you can only poke Fate in the eye for so long before she starts to think about showing you up. Probably in the most inconvenient way possible.

It's something else...
So... new site!

Yeah, our old Wordpress host decided to take some malware to the knee, and we ended up having a ridiculous amount of downtown over the past two months--if you haven't noticed. I think you noticed. We noticed you noticing.

Cue searching for a new host--at least for the immediate future--and we decided to settle here, at least for now! All the pages should be live, though I may have to go back through and do some resizing. And more work on the CSS...

But anyhow, with that interruption out of the way, we've now got time to put together a new page for you!

And see just how well Benny is taking the whole "putting his worst team in charge of the most important event in his life" thing.

Yeah, it's something else.