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Yeah. I think I'd die laughing if someone thought he'd beat me with that move. It's apparent Ethan isn't aware of Magikarp's abilities... or lack thereof.
Yeah... the speech bubbles own your soul.... and this comic apparently.

Anyone got a pin? :3
That's not entirely true what Ethan says about Magikarp. I mean... that Splash attack is effective if your goal is to get something wet, I hear...

...What? It's just an observation.
I love Ethan's little rant in panel three. Funny how he can't remember his own name, but he's apparently read a lot of stories where the main character has amnesia.

Sigh... Clich├ęs... why must we use them so?
It's amazing what you can create with a couple sprites, some official artwork, and a starburst effect. :)
I can delete these, right?
I was a little nervous about putting this back up, because of the thought of stopping mid-story again and fading into the shadows once again. People seemed to like the previous story, but I felt it was lacking some flavor, which resulted in lack of motivation to continue writing (I'm very easily de-motivated; I blame my inability to have an attention span longer than that of a newt). I got a lot of messages asking me if the story was dead, and a lot of threats from people for removing themselves from the fanlist if I didn't update.

Let it be known, the idea has never really died. I never got as far as I intended, not even close to it. I still had at least nine chapters planned out. But life became the top priority, so the comic had to fall by the wayside.

That being said, I'm still busy, I'm still attending to life, but now I have some more things now that I didn't have before. First, a co-writer. My friend Isaiah has graciously offered his services as a co-writer, brainstormer, and (as much as he probably doesn't know it), motivation. We're both good veteran Pokemon fans and I greatly appreciate this input. Secondly, a little time to mature as an artist. I really had to realize that having too many projects on one's mind results in a creative cataclysm. Some of the things I wanted to do are put on hold until a more suitable timeframe presents itself. Third, a sense of willpower. Not an easy thing to have when you play World of Warcraft all the time. (Yes, I can imagine the heckles I'll get from this one, but this is Pokemon, okay? At least be kind enough to heckle me in a private message and not all over my comic.)With these three things I hope to be able to refine my story into one that turns out to be an enjoyable experience for all (Bet you're just glad the rant's done, lol).

At any rate; sit back, relax, grab popcorn, or snacks, or whatever, and enjoy.

Comment, too. I like the feedback.

And I promise... all author posts won't be this irritatingly long. :3
xD Awesome. Faved.