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darth deebious the wise
i am a boi that wants 2 read comicz on free time n' stuff :]
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Blake, you'd be amazed of the wonders that bundles of scrap and wires can do, for example:
-It can help you clean the house
-Take care of your children
-Make food (somehow)
-Win a war
But that's just a few of the many magnificent benefits of having bundles of scrap and wires.
It's a G'nome!
And about the server, I mean sure, I use Discord as often as everyone else and I don't see why not and about regulations...
I'm a rebel, I don't suggest regulations, that's for NERDS, ooooooooo
What have you done?!
No matter what kind of dinner it is, if you don't have dinner, you'll wake up in the middle of the night because your stomach was making the rumblies only food can satisfy!
And then...
Disaster struck!
*Dun dun dun!*
Everybody gangsta until the big R steps into the scene.
Heh, always looking for a window to jump out of in case of an awkward situation
He's goin' places in life.
Celebi, stop, you look silly
You see that?
That's beautiful
Stealthy, sneaky, but most importantly...
Gust of wind: *exists*
Eclipse: Red alert, Red alert! Save the children and run!
And we're back on air boysengirls!
Celebi gon get into more than enough flytraps with those things on his eyes
Ok Yod- I mean...
Allister *wink wink*
When you try your best but you don't succeed...
Is Zoroark gonna do a bad thing?
I once did a bad thing
I regret the thing I did...
They all involve the world being destroyed in different ways
Maybe because knowing you were sent with a special purpose wasn't suposed to be revealed so early so you wouldn't be troubled, but someone ruined the surprise.
And why aren't YOU a Toucannon huh Doris?
Random bouncing ball!
Kill it before it triggers an event!