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It's because I stalk you, in fact, I'm watching you right now "."
Power ranger ninja turtles!
I've just created her and I already love her <3 Awwwwwww I want to marry her and have babies with tails and hearts and fluffy colors with magic and love. (...) Vote for me!!!! xD
You have to LOVE koukou debut, and now is over =(
Thanks for all your comments babiessssss, you make my spin right round baby right round, like a record baby round round round round...
Poor girl, but I really like this page =3
yes you areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
What, another update??!!!! I'm definitely sick.
So my little darlings from heavens, this post is dedicated to all of the rose of versailles fans out there! And if you discover who is that black haired guy you win a free sketch by me, but you have to be the first!!!! .... ..... .... OH YEAHHHHHHH!!! I think I really need to rest.
Kisses and love and all that jazz, and if you're as bored as me you can vote for OMG, just click that cute banner =3

EDIT: Here's a clue, google Patalliro
Awesome art!!! I love the story so far, keep it coming!
I love this page!!!!! Keep it coming! =3
I like flowers =3
Ohhh ieaaa
I've decided to stop making you suffer, so here's a double update!!!! Yay!!!!! The next page will be up in the next minutes so stay tunned!
At least a REAL update!!! The other pages were old scraps, this is brand new!!!! The countdown for the truth has started!!!!
Just feeling like uploading something, ADMIRE THE ULTRA NEW LISA!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
February 26th, 2009
I want to be a princess
February 18th, 2009
OMG! I'm updating!!!!! Not the best page ever, but I really liked working on it, I'll probably edit it later... Or not =P.
Dear gabEEinK, the reason because I'm not updating is not because I don't have a lot of fans, cause I think I really have a lot of fans, the reason of this is that I've started college, and is hard for me to find time to draw Oh My Gay, but as soon as i find some time, I'll definetely post a new page!!!!
I'm so happy with this page! Tomorrow I'll start college, so I don't know if I'll be able to update every Wednesday, but I'll give it a try. Thanks for all your support!
Poor girl, he's just an idiot xD
To tell you the truth, I'm more than amazed with your comic. I mean, I've been reading shojo mangas for so long and I'm still incapable of doing a manga in the way you do it. You really captured the essence of the shojo manga, and I felt like I was reading a true one!!! Even the cover! So I have to say is definitely a +fav. Keep doing your amazing job!
Wowww!!! I love this page! And yes, I donĀ“t think I could live without psychobob's screentones
Another page!!! I'm not really pleased with how this page look, but the next one will be better!!! Thanks for all your support!