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@comercole: It's fine to ask!

Truth be told, I've really been struggling with depression these past few weeks. It's killed my ability to draw too.
Sorry about this, but there won't be a page today (Mon the 21st). I wasn't feeling too well over the weekend.
@Pidgeot Slayer: Who said you can't like pokemon anymore?

Sorry if I'm being nosey. It just seems odd.
Hello! You're probably wondering where all this content came from! Simply put, this website's been hidden while it was under construction (it didn't come looking this fancy after all!). I also got a bit carried away transferring pages from Deviantart. I meant to post them slowly, oops.

Anyways, please enjoy what we have done so far, and I'll see you Monday with the next page!
You made it! It's all uphill from here.
Bear with me this chapter - these were test pages I made when Toko and I were first considering this project. The artwork is kind of bad, but that will be fixed soon!

(and don't worry, it's only 8 pages!)
Edwin, use your inside voice.
Oh boy. I’ve been having fun experimenting with panel layouts, but I kind of screwed up the pacing on that last page which of course made this page very tricky.
...I sure hope no one was on the other side of that blockage.
Rocks are neat.
Montages are tricky to keep interesting. I think I tried a little too hard, but the results aren’t bad.
And just like that, I never have to draw that stupid cart again!
Oops. The bowtie and backpack kind of throw off Zach's design, and it takes me a few pages to work out a solution so apologies in advance!
Energy baaaaaaaallll!!!
Travis, no! Think of the plot!
Vulpix butts. How do they work?
Sorry for the dip in quality here - I was fighting a bad case of burn-out.
...not to mention rude.