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buddy... moment while I consult my inner bae
I am finally out of landscape hell. Rejoice! Buddy was originally supposed to be on the side of the river closest to town, but I just couldn't draw the town from that angle.

Speaking of, poor guy. I just want to buy him a hot chocolate or something.
A scenic flight over Halfmoon! We get to see the doctor, Grandma the baker, and a dead guy! ....wait a minute

<strike>Posting early because it's my birthday and I want to. It's kinda dumb to reduce my page buffer like this, but it's also fun!</strike>
Wait! Upon further review, it has come to my attention that your life does indeed have value. I realize now the error of my ways and plan to immediately repair our relationship in the wake of these poor first impressi-AAAAAAAAAA
Snap is trapped in landscaping hell.
This was a fun page to draw. Lots of fun expressions!
<strike>also it's the page that turned Townsen gay but shush</strike>
Sea lions are absurd creatures.

Also, sorry about the wait! I've been swamped with school and work lately, but things have stabilized enough for me to get back to work on the comic. I even have a buffer again!
Welcome to Halfmoon Bay!
population: some
And that's the end of the Prologue! I'm jumping right into Chapter 1, but I need to make a few small but important preparations before I can make any pages. It shouldn't take too long, and hopefully I can at least make a chapter cover to tide you all over in the meantime.

Also, the test pages are going away once I start posting Chapter 1. They'll still be available on my DA (all handily linked here for your convenience.
Enough monologuing. It's time to become aslepe

(also, thanks for your patience! I really didn't expect to take a break, but I had family visit from Australia (I live in the US) that ate up a week, then a bunch of little things distracted me from picking this back up. Oops)
That wasn't me! That was my afterimage
@comercole: Evo's on break while I get back into doing comics. SoD is forcing me to review the basics as I write the script and storyboard, so hopefully I can apply this knowledge to Evo once I'm sure I can handle the workload.
proposed chapter title: Quilava has a shitty day
@Roosterington: Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to post there once Chapter 1 is underway.
Wriggle, wriggle, motherpupper
He runs with the grace of a corgi in the snow.
I hope you like the bitter cold 'cause we've got lots of that.