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And that's the end of the Prologue! I'm jumping right into Chapter 1, but I need to make a few small but important preparations before I can make any pages. It shouldn't take too long, and hopefully I can at least make a chapter cover to tide you all over in the meantime.

Also, the test pages are going away once I start posting Chapter 1. They'll still be available on my DA (all handily linked here for your convenience.
Enough monologuing. It's time to become aslepe

(also, thanks for your patience! I really didn't expect to take a break, but I had family visit from Australia (I live in the US) that ate up a week, then a bunch of little things distracted me from picking this back up. Oops)
That wasn't me! That was my afterimage
@comercole: Evo's on break while I get back into doing comics. SoD is forcing me to review the basics as I write the script and storyboard, so hopefully I can apply this knowledge to Evo once I'm sure I can handle the workload.
proposed chapter title: Quilava has a shitty day
@Roosterington: Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to post there once Chapter 1 is underway.
Wriggle, wriggle, motherpupper
He runs with the grace of a corgi in the snow.
I hope you like the bitter cold 'cause we've got lots of that.
...I don't even know. I just thought it was funny. Still do.

Anyway, the real comic premiers Monday! I'll leave these test pages up until the start of Chapter 1 (after which they'll only be available on my DeviantArt).
@YolkenEgg: Thank you!

And the spaghetti method is to just keep trying new things, essentially throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

It's why panels 1 and 2 have different color schemes - I was really lucky and found a good one on my second try.
This one was sort of a mess because I'm not writing or rough drafting these test pages.

See if you can spot the point where I gave up on using references to rush ahead to the painting practice!
Getting faster at water, and now the characters pop from the background more. Thought I'd also practice winter gear for Townsen, although I don't think I like him in a hat. I need to let those head spikes fly.

The weird black lines I used to emphasize shadows might be too much though. I might save them for special occasions
With the exception of the rock in panel 2 and the folds of Buddy's cloak, I think I made good progress. Important objects and characters pop a bit more, and my struggles to learn how to paint water paid off in the end... by which I mean it at least looks like choppy waves.

I have a little more planned for this scene, but the water broke me. I'll have to come back to it again later.
Using the spaghetti method to explore the characters and the art style I want while pinpointing problem areas. Zero concerns for continuity, and the text was literally copy/pasted from MS Paint because I couldn't be bothered to open a better art program. The buildings are obviously my biggest concern.
@comercole: It's fine to ask!

Truth be told, I've really been struggling with depression these past few weeks. It's killed my ability to draw too.
Sorry about this, but there won't be a page today (Mon the 21st). I wasn't feeling too well over the weekend.
@Pidgeot Slayer: Who said you can't like pokemon anymore?

Sorry if I'm being nosey. It just seems odd.
Hello! You're probably wondering where all this content came from! Simply put, this website's been hidden while it was under construction (it didn't come looking this fancy after all!). I also got a bit carried away transferring pages from Deviantart. I meant to post them slowly, oops.

Anyways, please enjoy what we have done so far, and I'll see you Monday with the next page!
You made it! It's all uphill from here.