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I still can't believe he called the cops, biggest dick move!
What's he regretting- calling 911 on the awesome loud sex or getting off on the dream?
That face is sooo relatable. Basically every morning that's the greeting I see in the mirror.
You do you. You're done this for free as a hobby so don't let it stress you out. One can always re-read the last few pages of a refresher is needed.
Hmm methinks someone forgot to lock the door again?
February 21st, 2019
I mean, it IS a big chair
He's just adorable. Is he wearing white gloves?
God I love a man in a three piece suit. Rudy's going to go ape-shit.
Missed you!
These are gorgeous!
February 5th, 2019
For some reason I've been reading Jericho's lines for this and the previous page in Dug's (from UP) voice. I'm enjoying it too much.
Ben's dad's a dick.
Right??! Jesus, this page really does you how badly Ben fucked Rudy up.
He was so innocent. But I guess that made him the ideal target.
January 29th, 2019
Back rub? I hope so, someone def. deserves a back rub. And when the heck is he going to deal with those arrows?! That's got to smart.
December 19th, 2018
@Gremlins: I'm imagining he's killing it at karaoke in that panel.
December 18th, 2018
Insert foot into mouth.
Amazeballs, living the awkwardness 😁
Missed you and Aiden!!
It's character building to embarrass yourself...?
Thank you for the full colour, but please don't push yourself!
December 12th, 2018
Ugh, drink logic. But he still seems like a dick. Apocalypse or not he's not worth it.
December 12th, 2018
Ohboy! Vespira sounds like she's about to start conspiring ;) Not that those two are going to need much of a push. Looks like Bitey is the only hurdle to get over...
Ps. LOVE your art and the story 😂
December 10th, 2018
Aaand we're snapping back to reality! Dignity intact
December 5th, 2018
Her partner's an idiot, doesn't know how glass works...!?
Unconsciousness and water don't work very well, will they ever become friends?
Kids these days...
October 18th, 2018
Maybe someone's making tea again?
October 11th, 2018
Poor kid! Thanks for the update! Made sure you prioritize your life, we'll be here 😉
Dude, David's pretty hot. That is a pretty hot couple. Nero just finished saying he's wasted... Maybe it'll become a so hot it's on FIRE threesome?
But Nero does seem more interested in peeing at the moment. Oh well.