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That moment when theres not a next page
ew straights
This comic is my favorite thing
there are no eyeballs on this page
i need this
wheres the story though?
@AdmiralBetas: Hmm okay, 'll keep that in mind~
@AdmiralBetas: I guess thats true, but still, its been years, right? You'd think something would have happened that brought it up just a little... I dunno maybe you're right. I shouldn't over think it x)
Jay is so... They've been friends for so long you'd think they would have talked about their philosophies at some point.
oh okay then
Noo I need more of this cuteness <3
I'm confused.. Rory went to Doctor Visika(?) to kill him? Did he rape and then kill him? or did Dr Visika kill himself?
auhuauahuauaaauauauaaaaaaaaaaa =D
I read "I cant find my damn headband" as "I cant find my damn husband"
quietly noticing how the art gradually gets better
cries because is needy child
Oh no he's hot