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I like dogs.
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    Larry The Lobster
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I miss this comic so much!!!
yay so glad you're back!<3 i missed you
hhehehhehehehehee happy
that last panel <3
suddenly: a man on a mission
awww babiesss <3
I love thiiiissss, <3
That moment when theres not a next page
ew straights
This comic is my favorite thing
there are no eyeballs on this page
i need this
wheres the story though?
@AdmiralBetas: Hmm okay, 'll keep that in mind~
@AdmiralBetas: I guess thats true, but still, its been years, right? You'd think something would have happened that brought it up just a little... I dunno maybe you're right. I shouldn't over think it x)
Jay is so... They've been friends for so long you'd think they would have talked about their philosophies at some point.
Noo I need more of this cuteness <3
auhuauahuauaaauauauaaaaaaaaaaa =D
I read "I cant find my damn headband" as "I cant find my damn husband"