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Born in Chile, raised in the U.S., but mentally caught somewhere between Middle Earth and Starfleet Academy. A firm believer in Carpe Diem and miracles. Hope I can make some good art.
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    Amber O.
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I LOVE the grainy art on this page, and gosh, her expression in the middle and last panels. Y'know, waiting for the next page is always torture cuz I'm like WAIT NO WHAT'S NEXTTT?! but it's a good sort of torture because the quality of every page is just brilliant and well worth the wait. Keep doing what you do for as long as it makes you happy, mod, and thanks for making us happy while you're at it.

And, um, is that fence stronger than the nothing?! Guess we'll soon see...
Just - thanks for this breathtaking comic! I've re-read everything about three times since finding it three weeks ago. It's fascinating, beautiful, hilarious, original, thrilling. You've got a wonderful mind.