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if you're reading this as it airs, I'm on vacation in Colorado. Hopefully I haven't been eaten by a bear or anything
@VioletTigerLily: I agree, something looks totally different. I wish I knew what it was though lmao it was an accident
I feel as though
the fact that Richard went on vacation to Florida and that he voluntarily borrowed a hat from Greg are both more interesting than the actual joke presented in this comic
did he find it???
Richard is writing a screenplay now I guess
I think he used to write novels, then plays... now, the most "starving artist" of them all: screenplays.
At 9:34 pm on July 3rd
I realized I was still hadn't made a 4th of July artwork. By then it was TOO LATE! I think I did this with Thanksgiving one time too. Lol great job me. I hope I made it work. Womp womp.
I think this is how I originally phrased the previous strip
then I came to the same conclusion Greg just did so I changed it

then I made this version
THAT'S IT THIS IS ENOUGH I've run out of ideas in this arc
and it's been going on for so long SO LONG this has to be the longest arc in the strips

Get ready for a NON-TATTOO related strip next week!

This also means I have to start coking up with real titles for these pages again lol

Oh also make sure to click PREVIOUS to checkout my (late) 4th of July (kind of) artwork!!
@Notbt5: I misread this as "Butt jokes are like butts, they just keep growing"
@VioletTigerLily: I wouldn't call it amazing but it's something alright :'D
@Notbt5: If I were smarter I'd have incorporated "pain in the ass" in these strips but I failed to come up with that one
@SincPlays: That's probably true

I wasn't planning on drawing this tattoo but I feel like I may have to due to demand lol :')
No fear, I managed to come up with one more
And for the first time in like a year I have a half-decent buffer for this comic. Will I put the month of June to good use and make progress on chapter four? No one knows but I hope so!
Can I come up with any more jokes in this arc?
We'll see