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I write things and I draw things.
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    Jessica Staricka
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It's a miracle I made it through this page. I did it all work and didn't have any replacement pen nibs with for my tablet pen. The one I had was SUPER worn down and frayed and made everything SO glitchy.
womp womp womp

Edit: I made this stupid "womp womp womp" comic thinking I'd somehow magically remember to come back and edit it and come up with a real comment even though I have never done that before. Go figure, I forgot about it, lol. I never know what to comment on my own comic. I guess I could reveal that I'm moving to New Orleans. Weeee!
My characters are sure having issues lately lol
This = me lately
Whoops Happy Earth Day. Could have done an Earth-themed page I guess lol. I also just realized I forgot to draw blush on anyone the last few pages. So.... if everyone's been looking all pallid and pale, that'd why. Also........ Same, January, same. I haven't gotten my hair since Jan 2015 except for an undercut I got eight months ago that's now like a super awkward five inches long... I'm also growing out my bangs...... wow this is a lot of random personal data you guys probably aren't here to read lol I'll stop typing now
It drives me crazy that "polish" and "Polish" are spelled the same. Also, wow, I haven't had to draw a new background for the inside of this kitchen in like........ years. In truth I didn't completely do this one new either lol. I copied an old one and kinda drew on top of it.
Drawing actual backgrounds is a fun challenge since I almost never do it hahaha I just copy and paste all my backgrounds from pages I've already drawn... also these images in no way capture the FILTH of spring, at least in Minnesota...
Richard has been "fired" so many times in this comic.
So I had a MUCH better suggestion for an April Fools' Day comic but..... I couldn't get my act together and do it lol...... also I changed Richard's line in the last panel of this one soooo many times like... I'm just overthinking this joke that is not very good lol
Yeh like I said
I'm trying to really vary the layout of my characters a bit to keep me from getting BORED. But I also want this comic to be SUPER EASY TO DRAW LOL so I dunno what I want I guess

I'm trying to make more fun of Richard for not knowing what's going on in the world of youthful lingo but IRL Richard is me :'I
I'm trying
I'm trying to make the comic strips a bit less monotonous AND faster to draw by like.... avoiding having two people in EACH panel and just changing my "camera" angles lol
@WingFreak: Or is he FOOLHARDY?
@RazorD9: "Give Richard my paycheck" lol
I hope that title gave some of you some shock and confusion WHO IS PROPOSING TO WHO?
Anyway. Fun fact, this page (outside of drawing the rough sketch on paper) took exactly the length of one Blue October album and one Best Coast album to make.

Also, sometimes my bf or some friends and I will make a really pitiful play on words or something and I'm always like "that sounds like a low-effort waitstaff joke" and this is DEFINITELY an example of low-effort lmao :'D

In my defense though, I read the funny pages of the paper last week, and those comics are........not that funny
@SincPlays: :D I'm giving all the credit to my comic x)
Happy March
ehhh I'm trying to get a buffer up again. Also, fun fact, making this comic strip (not including the sketch, which I did on paper a week ago) took exactly the length of one episode of BBC's Sherlock.
Oh no
I don't know what any animals look like hahaha my opossum looks like a rat :'D
I barely finished this last night but then I forgot to upload it :') Sorry it's "late"

Oh if you missed it, make sure to hit PREVIOUS and check out some waitstaff valentines