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I write things and I draw things.
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@RazorD9: I love it it's so accurate
@evilnidhogg: I wouldn't be able to look away
Why did I write a chapter that requires so much of..... the outdoors
Oh no
my buffer is catching up rapidly ahaha
@evilnidhogg: Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear bowties
I like it when Richard's ponytail gets spiky
@Kingfish: Aw I'm glad you find it adorable! I do too but I won't usually admit it.
There's that blush that's inexplicably present in my black and white comic
@Kunnaki: New Orleanian!!! That's exciting to hear!! :D
@JovanW: BLACK SOCKS! No white socks under dress pants and shoes! Black socks black socks black socks
Shoutout to Matthew who managed to forget for a solid week to wear black socks during dress rehearsals and the actual performances of one of the high school plays we were in. You and Mrs. D's disappointment in you are probably the only reasons I am so firmly aware of the Black Socks requirement for business/formal attire.
@Kingfish: Oh I didn't even think of that lol NOPE it's just Generic Unspecfic Business Appointment
@kzuich: I'm sure they'll handle it flawlessly
@evilnidhogg: That's how my brother thinks I should end the comic
@RoxyPurple: Had to google it. Bahaha
Here we goooo
It's crazy to think how long ago I actually drew this chapter on paper... in fact, I can't even remember. I can't remember which apartment I was in or what year it was...??? 2017? 2018? The scans have been sitting un-inked on my computer for so long @_@ So anyway IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING I hope people like this chapter!
Chapter 4 is finally starting. This time around, I'm just doing one page a week. I don't have enough of a buffer built up to feel confident releasing two pages a week, especially since I'm starting graduate school and moving across the country this August. ANYWAY, I HOPE EVERYONE LIKES THIS CHAPTER ~ SEE YOU MONDAY!!

Oh, and this vehicle is a 1950s(???) International Travelall. It's one of my dad's many old vehicles lol. I took this photo to prepare for this chapter literally like.... 3 or 4 years ago.