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I write things and I draw things.
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    Jessica Staricka
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sorry for missing last week's update! D': I'm trying to keep on top of it but grad school and work mean I don't have a lot of open time orrrrr energy lol. Anyway. GET READY FOR a lot of outdoor scenes that I'm not practiced at drawing lol.
Hey everybodddyyy I' unfortunately wasn't able to finish the page for Monday Oct 7th :((( School and work and issues and a pinch of my poor time management have gotten in the way :/// I'LL BE BACK like normal next week, Oct 14th!! Sorry all :U Please don't leave me
What was Richard gonna say to January??
Who knows. Not me, cuz I scripted this like over a year ago.
@RazorD9: Lmaoooo if my stupid comic gets picked up as a TV show, I want you in the writers room
once again I've barely finished this in time (T____T)
Ayyy hi hello howdy
life is like crazy right now for me and it's about to just get crazier because I got a job soooo I'm gonna really have to work on efficient time use to stay on top of grad school and work and this comic and other art and publishing and my social life lmao save me
@Kingfish: You honestly called it lmaooo
I just wanna take a moment to plug the ART INSTAGRAM I finally started!! Because I already have several sites that are complete galleries of like all my art, I'm limiting the instagram to JUST the art that I actually sell on merch. So follow me if you have in instagram!! Search the handle jstarickaart OR find it here:
Hi it's me
Guess who's back to frantically doing each comic page right before it's supposed to air? MEEE!!

Also, RICHARD you lovestruck fool, get a life
@kzuich: He generates the occasional mixed message
@evilnidhogg: I wish I had his bluntness hahaha
I've been in my new place for over three weeks and I'm STILLLL unemployed :'((( SOOO I'm gonna plug my Redbubble store so if you want to buy some merchandise with my art on it, you can!! I don't have any waitstaff stuff on there cuz I don't think there would be much interest lol buuuut maybe I should consider it in the future?? It's mostly just art I've made that I think looks good on shirts and stuff. There are LOADS of kinds of products you can get this stuff on, too, not just shirts!!

SO my Redbubble store:

Also, my Ko-Fi if you wanna just donate:

Also, I am open for art commissions!! More info on that here:

SO ANYWAYYY thanks for patiently reading me plugging myself :'D You readers are absolutely the bomb btw. Every comment is a serious mood-booster. Have a lovely day, friends <3
the last page paired with this page may be one of my favorite little sequences in this comic. I'm not sure why I like to torture poor Richard. But his misery blush really gets to me.
Oh god
I have no buffer at all and grad school classes begin on Thursday haha RIP my free time
@Kingfish: Oh things always go worse than planned. Plans themselves are not worth making.

Thank you! I moved to NOLA for grad school!
as I'm posting this, I'm living in my boyfriend's basement, but s you're reading this, I'm living in New Orleans!
@RazorD9: I love it it's so accurate
@evilnidhogg: I wouldn't be able to look away