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I write things and I draw things.
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    Jessica Staricka
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@Kingfish: That, and the fact that there have been like 10+ fires in this comic
I've been doing it all wrong I guess
Hi Isaac
good luck
this is real
@Kingfish: Oh man sorry to give you such a fright! Lmao
@RazorD9: The mood in the kitchen would be so off-balance it would probably create a cosmic disturbance
@Captain Ghost: That honestly makes a lot of sense. Liking Greg too much is a big red flag. Sensible screening system lol
how far I will take this joke lol
One time
I walked into the cafeteria in college in the middle of the day when it was nearly empty and found my two friends sitting and chatting and the one was saying to the other "And I think my THIRD favorite color is.... black."
Thanks again to my boyfriend
for coming up with the concept behind this strip and the previous one :P
goes to my boyfriend for coming up with this idea lol. I like to demand people around me to come up with ideas when I can't come up with anything.

Oh, fun news!! I'm starting to sell stuff on Redbubble!! Shirts and stuff. I'm gonna be adding a lot more designs as time goes on. No waitstaff merch so far, just other artworks. So check out the store here!!

Also, I made an updated sort of website thing that has links to all my social media and stuff all in one place. So if you wanna check out any of my other art (including additional waitstaff art!!) check some of them out here!!
@Kingfish: Are you speaking from expeirence, Kingfish? Are you King of fishermen?
This comic
was 100% taken from my boyfriend who DID NOT catch West Nile Virus but who did have a terrible day fishing recently.
if you're reading this as it airs, I'm on vacation in Colorado. Hopefully I haven't been eaten by a bear or anything
@VioletTigerLily: I agree, something looks totally different. I wish I knew what it was though lmao it was an accident