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I write things and I draw things.
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    Jessica Staricka
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@WingFreak: Just tip a bit o vodka in the ole morning cup o joe
@evilnidhogg: I'd do it, especially because I don't own a rolling pin
Apparently that's what drunk people look like to me
Also, I feel like January hasn't gotten much attention in this comic for a while and now suddenly she's going to get like ten strips in a row lol
@evilnidhogg: I hate when I remember things before they happen
Happy 2019!
You know what would be great for me to accomplish this year? ACTUALLY FINISHING CHAPTER FOUR :'I

Has anyone noticed that when one of my characters' presence in a scene is just incidental, I have them holding an onion for no reason

Yeah me either
Instead of a comic strip this week, I've got show off this gift my brother Eric made for me for Christmas! A wood engraving of my first and my most recent comic!! I love how how well it shows my improvement... I love everything about it!! In real life it's about 15 inches long. (It's also much easier to read than it is in this picture.) I can't wait to hang it on my wall! ^^
@Kingfish: Aw, thank you!! ^^
@ZSnazzy: I debated between titling this strip "He's More of a Scrooge Type" and "He's More of a Grinch Type" xD
@evilnidhogg: I scared myself drawing these
Happy Holidays!
Drawing this took EXACTLY the length of Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas AND Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas. I'm guessing it's a card they send out to regulars?? I'm also guessing they were going to do a photoshoot with the whole staff, but the odds of EVERYONE looking sufficiently happy in one photo are not great.

OH so on the next update on New Year's Eve, I'll be posting an AWESOME LMTW-related gift my brother made for me!! I'm posting it instead of a comic strip because I don't want anyone to miss it!!
I feel like
a few years ago, I would do like a whole month of holiday strips lol. Time really got away from me this year though!

HEY make sure you come back TOMORROW on Christmas Day for a holiday artwork!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS I hope you're all warm and safe!
@TerrytheTeryx: Oh, how the turntables
@Kingfish: Ikr? Make up ur mind boyo!
@RazorD9: I must commend that smooth explanation