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I'm gonna be honest with you all....I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO TYPE....Wait I had an idea of typing that 0.0
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Now special chapters with the other characters
Similar voices could be a coincidence but I'm saying she's lazuli from a different universe the fact that she was found lying on the beach
The whole attack felt just like knockback bros from superstar saga
This is probably the best and longest time Whispy has lasted in a fight
@PKM-150: Some people may not understand this but you work very hard bit you shouldn't let these people get you down the people who try and rush you and try to attempt to get you too quit take as much time as you need to work on this and TRUE fans won't care how long it takes they understand what you do in real life and wait patiently
@Johnny Knoxville: why are you trying to get people on smackjeeves to sub to Charmx
Why did you make this comic so adorable -.-
Didn't expect it today well I'm happy at the least
Would it be painful to lay down on Mewtwo's head?
I'm wondering how they got the space they have
Good days ruined...Just like mine
It's Called Magi(c)k-arp
I'm not sure it's a perfect choice for dark matter but he can do what he wants
I knew he would survive
Well someone finally asked the question
@Sudux:That Window Breaking Looks Like It Could Be In Terraria...Good Job!