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The blue fox
!sdrawkcab si ecnetnes sihT
This one isn't!

The early bird gets the worm, but the early worm is always late.

yes I realize my acount name is unorignal so call me The One Who Has This Name or Main character52
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@comicboy: solid snake would be under a box, then suddenly trapped in a cage and visible?
umbrella wristbands.
Peed? You've got to be shitting me.
Hey Pika,
Congrats on the promotion!
-your coworkers that don't hate you (other than Steve, he was sick today)
I'm looking forward to this continuing.
@david000rafael: I was just about to say that
But the last one is so cute, how can he say no?
walking does make more sense, also it keeps one's legs from getting as sore.

great job
Isn't it obvious? Pam deleted Metal Sonic's programing, copied herself onto it, gave him nerves, changed "it" to "he" and is now hellbent on plowing Tails.

I don't think that is actually what happened, but it would make a kick-ass hentai comic...(better than most of what's out there.)
@super chao: YES. Especially if there are illustrations in Alice's art-style.
Aura Sphere? Really? You're using a special attack fighting move vs. one of the strongest psychic types? Really?
@Shard: "Guess what? We get to find out why Mewtwo's doing what he's doing soon!"

Good, because it would really suck if you did that much foreshadowing with no payoff.

""I'm going to tell you my motivations."
"but first I'll kill you."
The end."
@Setzur: white with 2 extra fs indeed!

Also who doesn't love Stanly?
@Floydyboy: Comments what comments? I don't see any comments...

To be fair I did type this with my eyes closed though
No comment.

Wait... Shit.
Why did it take until the 9th comment to mention the eevee's awesomeness? It is cute and cool and beautiful and smart and tough. Also I only meant the first 3 but figured I might as well include all those stats...
@Kenny the fox: Actually one of the flag designs in red/blue rescue team is a pokeball on a blue background.
For the voting thing do I have to choose the choice I would if I was female? or answer the way I would now?