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Bun dem
Bruh, that Eddie better have a couple of Axes. One for choppin, the other for rockin.
September 20th, 2019
Aftermath of Riot Gun. :D
@Emc_502: Your avatar is scrutinizing the HELL out of the background. He's like, "Show me the pixels... What am I looking at?"
@AssaultBird2454: I agree. If I remember correctly, Fairy is Strong to Fighting, and Riolu isn't part Fairy. This means he's not only got a super effective energy conflicting with his natural energy, he also now has what I'm assuming is Dark or Ghost energy, which is another extremely incompatible energy.

This guy is basically poisoning himself on an Aura/Spiritual/Magic level (However yall wanna class pokemon stuff).
I wanna have this kind of a pikachu cling to MY head. He's adorable.
September 15th, 2019
Man, I vibe with this 'vee. Guy's like, "I wanna nap."
Friend: "Then nap."
Me: "But I don't wanna."
Friend: "You just said..."
Me: "Need to nap soon."
Friend: "Nap in your grave."

Then they end up throwing a grenade at me. We're all pretty bad with friendly fire in our games XD
@mcslurpi: Either a mistake with the shading, or it's a lighting effect from the crystal breaking and being absorbed.
She just jealous he's not flirting with her. Calling it.
@Thunder4036: Semantics. Running into a wall doesn't necessarily mean she physically moved her limbs in a running action. So~... tricky as it may be, he's telling a perfect truth.
@mrjacob77: I'm thinking it's some kind of rune that says, "hey, you're gonna get special abilities" or something. That, or it could be that he just has some unnatural skill of manipulating his own fate, and the fates of those around him.
So that's what an older Elm looks like. Interesting.
Penny: *squish squish* Huh...
September 4th, 2019
Yeah... Shit.
That always amused me in Pokemon. Let's have a criminal mastermind be one of the gym leaders!
And this was how a young child Blasted Off into the woods.
I'm thinkin Type mutations. He doesn't look normal to begin with. Could be Flying/Psychic or Flying/Dark mutation able to learn Psychic or a similar ability.
"I am a Shadow, the True Self!"
@>< Spirit ><: That owl looks SO disappointed and unamused. XD
August 16th, 2019

Rain's style is giving me Devilman vibes.