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@El Adri 2004:
I love how over half her body just disappears into the bag while he's holding it. So cute!
Cute, snuggly demon fox.
Yalini like, "Raid? You mean the bug repellent?"
Finally, someone shows an interesting dungeon mechanic! YUS! ME LIKE!
That's one fluffy (chunky) rai. Cute, too. Cans I hugs her? Or him. Can't really tell.
No, not the thicc fennekin thigh!
Boi, you beat the fear o' gawd back into dis bish!
Does this mean our fantasy of seeing those two boiz kiss and/or hug will be realized?

Happiness, thine visage is within mine reach.
@Z-Gamer007: Why does she look like someone from that Donut County game?
@Flareon1225: Persona. Thou art I, I art thou.
It's a reference to the fact that personas are a creation of someone's psyche. You accept your inner darkness and manifest all of that as a solid, manipulatable entity. Though, it's been shown that they can act on their own.

Basically, a Persona joke.

Zerker's pack, BABY!
@Flareon1225: Ware wa nanji, Nanji wa ware...
Alright, seriously, I wanna hug that Typhlosion SO MUCH! He just looks so amazingly cute and cuddly, doesn't he? So big, so floofy~!
Rapid pressure release due to temperature change? Nice. LAUNCH DAT B*TCH!
If I was there in place of HB, I would've piped up with, "Now, you may kiss the bride," instead of all that.
Or something similar. XD
Didn't know they had anime. Or a Japan.